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but we know it's just a lie, to scare your son, to scare your daughter

Back from my first guitar lesson since March. Tony is the shiz! Much better than my old tutor. The old one didn't even bother to teach me the basics, so that's what we covered today. Did you know that the beginning of the C Major scale is the Eastenders theme tune? It was only half an hour today, but I've got another lesson on Monday.

End of the TRL signed guitar comp today. If bynx89 wins it, i'm gonna fucking kill her! She wouldn't have known yesterday's answer if it wasn't for me! Ok, I'm not that mean, I won't kill her, but I will glare at her angrily until I think of something.

I have already won a TRL comp, but I couldn't get down to Camden for the prize. Still I LOADS of other goodies, but shhh I want the guitar!

Toni [my sister, not the guitar tutor, this is gonna get confusing soon] comes back off holiday tomorrow...well she doesn't land until the early hours of Saturday morning. Aww! I've enjoyed having the house to myself. *is sad* But still, hope she got me a pressie [unlikely, since I'm going to the same place in 2 weeks, and she's coming along!]


This is Auntie Julie II. My mum has two sisters called Julie, it's a long story. But anyway, she had Charlie this morning. We have to stop calling him Charlie Bump now, coz he's no longer a bump. Good job it's my mum's side of the family, coz if it was dad's, it would be Charlie Charlesworth. Imagine that! Well one of the lads in our year was Jamie James [he and Joanne got Cutest Couple at the prom. No doubt about that, but I personally think it should have been Mr Brophy and Miss Cuddy, they were all over each other!]

I've just realised I never wrote up about the prom and it's been over a month. Will do that later, because trust me, it's worth reading. It was an interesting experience to say the least.

My fingers hurt now. Having small hands just makes it all the more difficult. And I'm not used to actually using a guitar coz I haven't played it in so long. Can't wait to see Uncle Peter now. Haha! Trying to teach me fucking Metallica! I allowed him to show me some Starsailor, because it was either Starsailor, Metallica or Slipknot [Uncle Peter's a goth], and Starsailor seemed to be the lesser of the evils. Why he didn't bring along Foo Fighters I don't know. I wouldn't have minded Foo Fighters one bit! Ahh well, he has a weird way of playing with just one finger. I much prefer Tony's way of playing, it doesn't look like you're swearing at everyone.

I can't remember who did it, but someone on my f-list built their own hell. I'm gonna build my own hell now...

Getting up at 8am isn't as bad as I thought it'd be. But if I want 2 hours a week it's £40, so mum said I need to pay for some myself. God I hope I get this job at the Co-Op. £100 a week should do me nicely. Much better than the £20 a week I usually get.

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