more glamorous than a mandy slade eyeroll (__i_get_along__) wrote,
more glamorous than a mandy slade eyeroll

little conversation:

N: So Captain Jack, he's the guy from Doctor Who isn't he?

Me: Yes he is.

N: You fancy him don't you?

Me: Yes...

N: Isn't he gay?

Me: He's more...omnisexual. If it was physically possible, Jack would probably shag a tree!

N: No, I mean the actor.

Me: Apparantly so, yes. Never met him in person to confirm it, but according to interviews, yes he is. Gay, not omnisexual...

N: So you fancy a gay man?

Me: Yes.

N: Isn't that a bit weird?

Me: No...just because he's gay, doesn't stop him being pretty! And it's not like I'd have a chance even if he was straight, is it?

N: It's still a bit like a guy who kisses other men.

Me: Well, yeah. Practically everybody I like are gay, bi, or have bisexual tendancies at least.

N: But you don't have a chance with them!

Me: Well not the gay ones...and anyway. The people I like, they're all bloody famous! Even if 100% straight I'd have no chance!

N: I still think it's weird...and pretty disgusting.

Me: Bit homophobic there are you?

N: What? No, don't you remember Luke?

Me: Yes, yes I do...But you just seem to have a bit of a homophobic attitude right now...have you never thought about it? Never thought a man was good looking?

N: Err...

Me: Have you?

N: No comment.

Me: You used to tell me these things! Be honest!

N: Yes I have. Just don't mention it.

and thus he is dubbed N. but it's not strange to fancy a gay man is it?


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