more glamorous than a mandy slade eyeroll (__i_get_along__) wrote,
more glamorous than a mandy slade eyeroll

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  • Music: it's my birthday next month. there's a list of at least 43 albums that i many do you think i can get for my birthday? maybe some will have to wait till christmas...

but i'm in tenerife for my birthday, and then the next day i get my GCSE results [over the phone from my sister...] so that's gonna be fun. i really don't wanna go on holiday! i wanna stay home and have a piss up for my birthday and results celebration/depression, but no i can't!

and then the same day i get back off holiday, i enroll at college and have the pic for my student id card, so i'm gonna have a picture of me looking jetlagged hanging round my neck for 2 years!

i hate my parents! why did they have to make me go away in August. they said we were going on holiday in July! :'( what shall i get for my birthday. already got 3 early pressies: touching from a distance, a diary and MY JACKET!!!

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