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The Good Old Days

Inspired by The Good Old Days by The Libertines, which I love by the way, I created this pic of me and dad. Of course it looks shit coz I don't have photoshop and such like, but it's good for a 5 minute effort on Powerpoint and Paint! How cute was I as a kid??? Dad no longer has the Freddy Mercury 'tash!

But how great is The Good Old Days? The backing vocals as well, they're so haunting, it's fantastic!

"But if you've lost your faith in love and music the end won't be long..."

I had to explain to my friend Scott today why Carlos Barat is sexual...isn't it OBVIOUS??? I know even straight men who think Carl is sexual! Scott you must be blind! I mean, look at him!


"The Arcadian dream has all fallen through, but the Albion sails on course..."

But how come on the album sleeve it has lyrics for The Good Old Days about Elvis and they're not included in the song? I like Elvis! Tut tut! And my version of Up The Bracket doesn't even have What A Waster on it! No, you have to have that copy imported from America! Fucking Americans! They always get one better from the Brits. The American version of one of the Harry Potter books has an extra sentence! Why? What difference is ONE sentence gonna make to the Brits? Bastards! A Harry Potter obsessed friend of mine is now searching for what that one sentence is...anyone know?

This is me signing off for now! 


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