more glamorous than a mandy slade eyeroll (__i_get_along__) wrote,
more glamorous than a mandy slade eyeroll

all these things that i've done.

i've just seen the american The Killers - All These Things That I've Done video, and i'm now facing a dilemma.

at first i was thinking that the British version is much better, as it features The Killers wandering the streets with NME writers and gospel choirs hugging people, whereas the American one features Brandon with a stupid fake moustache. but then it showed Brandon in the shower. and then he got on a donkey.

but finally, i've come to the conclusion, the British video is better. you know why? because in the "i got soul but i'm not a soldier" bit, in the american one, Brandon talks on top of it, and i really wanted to see Tim Jonze and gospel choirs singing and dancing at that point rather than Brandon talking while carrying a sign and girls throwing boomerangs.

and thus, the British version kicks the American version's arse. there are only two sections in which the American one triumphs, and they involve a shower and a donkey. but you've gotta smile at the British one, you just have to! it's great!

i had a similar dilemma with Mr Brightside. DAMN THEM AND THEIR MULTIPLE VIDEOS!!!

and kaiser chiefs are making a new video for I Predict A Riot! does this mean no pillow fights? i LOVE the pillow fights!


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