November 7th, 2005


Tell me a story, I know you're not boring.

I'm at college. Hello.

I've only just noticed I have the lyrics to Reptilia by The Strokes on a t-shirt I've had since August. Hear that Melanie? REPTILIA BY THE STROKES!!!

I should be doing Media Studies now, so bye!

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    Reptilia - The Strokes

Yeah, the night's not over, you're not trying hard enough.


First the good bit. REPTILIA BY THE STROKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got this t-shirt on holiday in August. I never really looked at it in much detail, it's like a collage, it's cool. There's a load of words written down one side. This morning on the bus, I was listening to Reptilia, and that's my FAVOURITE Strokes song, which makes me feel like even more of a fool. As I was listening to it, I looked down. THE WRITING DOWN THE SIDE OF MY TOP IS THE FUCKING LYRICS!!! I NEVER NOTICED!

So I've had a top with my favourite Strokes song on it since summer and never noticed. I feel foolish. People thought I was weird reading my top on the bus, but I was singing along in my head!

As soon as I find the camera I'll take a picture. It also has Pet Shop Boys lyrics. It is clearly the coolest top in existance, and the best 14£ 50 cents I have ever spent. Got my red leather jacket then too. Mango in Tenerife, for all your Strokey goodness.

Melanie, go to Tenerife. It's worth it.

Anyway, I'M PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a Drama rehearsal at dinner. Kat and I were there. Jack was not. We thought "Oh, Jack isn't in, this is good, it means we don't have to do our performance till Friday." As Kat was leaving, Oliver told her Jack WAS in.

When it got to Drama and he turned up, I nearly fucking murdered him. I would have done if I had a knife with me. I was positively livid. I was about to smack him but Liz walked in. We had 10 minutes to sort ourselves out before we actually performed. Kat and I used that 10 minutes to work on the opening, which doesn't involve him and is the only thing we got praised for. Oliver's group were amazing. The other Jack's group were hilarious. Amanda's group didn't perform today. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EMBARRASSED IN MY LIFE! Liz stopped us half way through because it was so terrible. Do you know how fucking awful that was. I've slapped and strangled Jack about 10 times today. Liz was telling us everything that was wrong with our piece. I thought "I'm not having this" so I told her the reason it was so shit. JACK'S MISSED TWO FUCKING REHEARSALS! Liz has said if he misses another, he's not doing the exam and she'll have to sort us two out. I don't wanna start again, but I kinda hope he misses tomorrow's rehearsal so I don't have to work with him. Kat agrees. I've never hated anyone so much in my LIFE! Tomorrow I'm taking a fucking knife in college. I will only offer Jack one piece of advice.

"Run you crap ugly wannabe thespian. RUN."



Other than that, I got the bus home with Leigh, Cally and Cally's mate [forgot his name] and cheered up a bit. Then Leigh and I walked together from the bus stop. I like her, she made me temporarily happy.

Lauren, Lily, Rebs, Cinders, EVERYONE! LETS HAVE A GROUP HUG, GRABS PITCHFORKS, GET KAT AND MURDER JACK GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[[Oh, Rebs is back today right? She may kill me.]]

I bought a book of war poetry. Regeneration trilogy, War Poetry, soldier jacket, all I need is my poppy and I'm all set!

...and the Regeneration film if fucking HMV had it!!!

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