November 4th, 2005


The lift is always full of piss, the fifth floor landing smells of fish!

I went into college an hour early today to do a Drama rehearsal.

Guess how many of my group turned up?


So instead of having an extra hour's sleep, I spent an hour sitting outside the drama room, doing extension work for English and reading Regeneration. I was fucking TIRED!

Kat forgot about it. Understandable. Jack KNEW about it but didn't turn up because he thought it was a joke! Cunt.

So yeah, not happy.

Tonight I'm making Toni a Christmas CD, as it's probably the last time I'll see her until she comes home at Christmas. Then I'm either doing a random picspam or starting on the mixed CD's. I've forgotten everyone's theme! So if there's a blank space next to your name, tell me what theme you picked. [or if you haven't picked one yet, pick one!]

CD Themes:

Lily: Ships and a surprise...ooh...

Rebs: Love

Cinders: Time

Lauren: Escape [hmm...]

Ciara: Sex

Jane: Religion

Astrid: Queen And Country

I have one song sorted for Lily's...


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