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November 2005 - __i_get_along__
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by __i_get_along__:

04:48 pm: I watched it for a little while.

09:42 pm: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. - 7 comments

02:02 pm: (no subject) - 1 comment
02:12 pm: Out by 16 our dead in this scene but together forever. - 6 comments
05:56 pm: Come what may, I will love you until my dying day. - 17 comments

05:22 pm: The lift is always full of piss, the fifth floor landing smells of fish! - 23 comments
10:42 pm: Listen my hopeless friend. - 10 comments

01:42 pm: Tell me a story, I know you're not boring.
05:15 pm: Yeah, the night's not over, you're not trying hard enough. - 6 comments

06:33 pm: You're no longer laughing, I'm not drowning fast enough. - 3 comments

08:44 pm: (no subject) - 3 comments

05:47 pm: Did you see the way she looked at me? - 1 comment

06:09 pm: And now I know how Joan Of Arc felt.
06:47 pm: I am the passenger, and I ride and I ride... - 5 comments

11:07 pm: Somewhere, a star - 5 comments

08:35 pm: Oh no, not me, I never lost control.

01:48 pm: I was picked up and then dropped off in a culture counter-clockwise turned around. - 5 comments
07:12 pm: I'm just consistantly inconsistant. - 9 comments

12:51 am: And now I find it hard to say goodbye, so I'll just say goodnight my friend. - 5 comments