October 24th, 2005


What about Daddy Cool?

I went to the hairdressers with a view of having Vince!hair.

I described it to Lewis the hairdresser, and here's what happened next.


Lewis: Oh, like Vince Noir!

Me: YES!

Lewis: Oh my God! Yes! Noel Fielding is so hot...*rambles about Noel*

*I have coughing fit*

Lewis: Well we can't do that today, because Noel hair requires LOTS of concentration, and I can't do it if you keep lurching forward coughing, so next time, we'll go absolutely MAD with it!

Do not fret dear fellows! I did have my hair done! It's dark[er] brown, with bright red and purple in a diagonal stripe down the middle, so when the wind blows it, the colours show and it looks great! As for the cut, I just had the layers altered to form the basis for what will be Noel hair next time.

During the cut, I stopped breathing. Lewis panicked. Damn coughing fit. I'm going to the doctor about this, I swear! Some woman broke down outside [in the middle of the main road] and Lewis found it HILARIOUS! He's a mean lad. I managed to carry on with Regeneration during it, but not much. It's been so long since I last read it! I forgot it all! I still don't remember most of it! Lewis and I got annoyed when they played Natasha Bedingfield and James Blunt on rotation, so we started singing and dancing [well Lewis sang, as I currently sound like a craking door] to Daddy Cool. That was fun.

Anyway, hair! You can't see the red and purple much on here, as most of it is at the back, but meh.

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