October 20th, 2005


Illness...thy name is EVIL!

Since I've had nothing better to do, I can finally write up about this.

So NME Rock & Roll Riot. It was me, Leigh, Toni and Toni's friend Catherine. Also we saw two girls from college called Rachel and Fiona, so we talked to them. Got on the coach and ate lollies and such.

We queued up outside and got loads of freebies. We were stood right next to the backstage area, annoying the security guard, when two blokes walked past. Toni said "You shouldn't smoke, it's bad for you!" They turned round and looked at her like she was insane. It was only Ryan and Gary from The Cribs. She's a fool, my sister. Then some guy walked past in a very nice hat. I said "I like his hat." Toni said to him "I like your hat." He said "Oh, thank you." He looked at us and it was none other than Paul Smith from Maximo Park. He smiled and then went back stage. Rachel and I said "OMG! Paul Smith!" Toni said, "What, the designer?"

Sinead turned up. We talked to her and her mother.

The Cribs were awesome. Maximo Park weren't as good, but they were still bloody brilliant! And PAul Smith's hips are mesmerising.

Kaiser Chiefs came on. I spazzed at the presence of Peanut and the hat. I got a picture of him! I love Peanut, he rules. Some guy tried to punch me during I Predict A Riot, so I bit him. He later got arrested for punching many peoples. Toni get herself so panicked worrying about me [even though I was fine, she was in a worse state than me] she got her arm hurt and fainted. They pulled her out during Caroline, Yes. I had to go with her, but because I wasn't hurt or unconscious, they allowed me to do a bit of crowdsurfing first. Bloody brilliant! I waved at Ricky [I'd earlier ripped out some of his hair by mistake while he pulled some girl out of the crowd in You Can Have It All. Bitch.] Then went into the medical bit with Toni. Oh, I forgot. In Modern Way, Ricky got a tennis ball thrown at his head. While in the medical bit, we missed Take My Temperature, I Heard It Through The Grapevine and What Did I Ever Give You. Toni was crying because she thought she'd ruined it for me. Well, she kinda did, but it's not her fault. We got out in time for the final song, which inevitably was Oh My God.

Toni and I bought merchandise. I got a Cribs t-shirt, a Chiefs tie and Chiefs badges. I already have Park badges. We met Leigh who told us some guy put his hands down her underwear, so she headbutted him. Then we found Catherine. We saw Rachel outside the coach. Fuck. Fiona was missing. We ran around looking for her. We got back and she was already on the coach.

Here's pictures

Tuesday was Pink Day at college. We all wore Pink for breast cancer. Most of my friends didn't make an effort, but Tasha and I did. I got a pink cowboy hat and made a pink Pulp t-shirt with a lovely big picture of JARVIS!!! Tasha got a wand and lots of other stuff, and then she got a pink top and drew on the American Idiot cover, but put Pink Day instead of Green Day and instead of the heart hand grenade, she drew a breast cancer ribbon in the hand. It was awesome.


Last night I went back to my old school to get my GCSE certificates. i won a Subject Prize for Drama. Yay!

Now I'm ill and have had to give my password for my college computer to Gemma because our project on The Ring for Film Studies was on there. If any of my work gets deleted...I'll...flick her on the nose!

And OMG! The weather! It's pissing it down, but it's sunny. It looks pretty.

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This is great! Bloody great! I've felt fantastic these past few days. Well, that's a lie. I've been ill and I feel like I'm gonna die, but emotionally, I haven't felt this good in a long time. And I'm not even my happiest, so I must have been low before.

I think it was seeing her grave that did it. We never met. I hadn't even been born when it happened. But she's still family. She went so young. Only 12. She hasn't even got a tombstone like all the other graves around her. They never could afford it, nor could they bring themselves to do it. She's been a long time dead and a long time missed, and all anyone has of her is a patch of dying grass, and no-one who walks past would have any clue who she was. I don't want that for me.