October 14th, 2005


Call me Tundra Boy coz I move like an Arctic Lizard!


So what do you think of the drawing? That's taken me ages!

ROCK & ROLL RIOT CRISIS GOES FROM BAD TO WORSE! But I shall not go into that.

In Media, we did stuff. I showed Mary the above drawing while I was still in the process of finishing it and asked her opinion on The Hair. [It has to be perfect, it's VINCE NOIR!]

I finished it off except the writing in the drama room before the lesson started. Then Kat and I got freaked out by Jack being...sexual with us for an hour and a half. Romance and innuendo's fine in Drama, sure, but Jack's scary!

Then at dinner I finished it, and then talked to Sarah, Tasha and Vicki and had a laugh. ["Hawaiian Punch!"]

In English I practically fell asleep. The room was dark, I was tired, and Carla had just gotten high before the lesson, and the fumes were making Siobhan and I feel a little lightheaded.

After English I met Sarah and Tasha, and we sat on a bench outside Debenhams for half an hour, taking pictures of eyes and birds. Sarah was gonna walk home coz she gave all her money to charity in college [I gave them my money for dinner], but Tasha and I lent her the money for her bus, which she refuses to let go until she's payed us back. It was 25p each!!!

Got on the bus with Sarah, chatted about a manner of things, and when she got off, she rang me up to say "Hawaiian Punch!" and then hung up again.

So that's my day so far.

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