October 13th, 2005


You're the only lover I've had, who ever slept with a knife...

I went to bed at 2am. Haha. Sorry Rebs.

I had English first, in which Siobhan, Carla and I just...slept. Oh and I doodled...a lot. And wrote an RIP for John Peel.

Then I had Film Studies. Essay for Wednesday. Shit. Gemma forgot Velvet Goldmine. Shit. Gemma told me a big secret. Shit. I won't see Gemma till Tuesday to get Velvet Goldmine back. Shit.

I've done a Charlie from Lost. I wrapped tissue round each finger and wrote John Peel, as I can't do anything for John Peel day and this depresses me.

The reason I can't do anything for John Peel day is that it's my dad's birthday. I gave him an Elvis movie. Anyways, mum and dad are going out, so I have to stay in.

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    You're My Waterloo - The Libertines