October 12th, 2005


We're finally over, til' your heart feels the cold, and the chill of October...

So yes. Here I am, about to finish up what seems to be my last week here. I'm thinking of changing journals at the end of the week, but I'm not sure yet. Just I want a clean slate from everything.

Anyway, I had Drama first. I felt ill, but our scene had SO much innuendo. I can't believe none of the other groups picked up on it. That's what the play's about!

Then I talked to Kat and then went home for a bit.

Then I bought NME.

Then I had Key Skills. Boring as usual. Just talked to Aysha again.

Then came Creative Writing. We were doing newspaper articles today. Not my favourite subject. Next week I can either write a newspaper article on an event happening in college, or go back to something we've already done [interviews, sitcoms or poetry]. But I still have to do the research for the article.

Then I went into Oldham with Sarah and Tasha to get Dad's birthday present. I got him an Elvis DVD. Then I bought myself The Rakes and a Franz Ferdinand book. Thus, I spent all my money to buy a pink top for pink day, so I need to save up for one by Monday, and then I'd have to iron on my Pulp design Monday night at the latest. I'm an idiot.

Just been to Tony's for guitar. I played him Albion. I fucked up a bit, but he's never heard it before, so he didn't notice. Then we just did some theory stuff.

I'm in the mood for scandalous activity. I don't know why.

Oh, and I had a weird daydream just now in the car. Don't ask me why, but I was a TRL presenter, and a light fell on Alex Zane's head and he started bleeding. I was screaming on live TV, and the paramedics came and stuff, then in the end it turned out it was all a fake, Ashton Kutcher came out and told me I'd been punk'd, and then he did a little jig. Why are my dreams always so weird?

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