October 11th, 2005


I'll be waiting in the photobooth at the underground station...

Hello. My name is Hayley.

I'm a brown haired, blue-grey eyed, 5ft, pale -skinned, insane, single 16 year old girl who should be in college right now, but has a day off.

Instead of going out and enjoying my day off like all my friends, I'm sat at home, waiting for the decorators.

I also feel ill, and the pain in my calves returned this morning.

On the plus side, it's raining and I don't have to go out in it.

Instead I'm sending my friend songs because all his music has got deleted off his computer, and playing Albion over and over again. Later, I'm gonna write, as I am bored.


Last night I drew a cartoon of a certain two people called David and Bryan. The fact that they look like Pete and Carl makes no difference at all. It wasn't intentional I tell thee!

Also, Inner Borrell got a bit of drama last night. That was exhausting.


I need to talk to Sahra and Amy. NME Rock&Roll Riot on Sunday and I have no idea who's coming!

I also need food.


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    Albion - Me. Ooh it's bad.

This is the modern way of faking it every day...

I've just been watching MTV 2 whilst ironing, and I have some thoughts.


Now, I've never been the biggest Bloc Party fan, though I like some of their songs. I finally listened to Two More Years in it's entirety and rather like it. And no, not because of Russell's hair...


Just seen the new Kaiser Chiefs video and I was crying with laughter. Those moustashes are excellent! And also the tennis ball dude rocks. It's extremely random, but Ricky's back to looking pretty, and I wanna play in a giant rotating tennis ball! I think the biggest shock is that PEANUT DOEN'T WEAR HIS HAT IN PART OF THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*coughs* So, haven't I had an interesting day?

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    Modern Way - Kaiser Chiefs