October 9th, 2005


Emo ramblings. I try not to do this often.

Oh for fuck's sake!

Fine have it your way.

Well she won't talk to me.
I hate it.
I've already banged my head against the wall and have a big red mark there.
I won't do something stupid again. I WON'T!

I hope I don't anyway.

My knuckle's bleeding. Suppose I should find a plaster.

See you in hell.

I'm not writing about my private life on this thing anymore. It's not clever and can get you into trouble. I'll save that for my diary.

Instead, you get told the boring pointless details. Aren't you lucky.

I'm watching Doctor Who. It's great.

Tomorrow I spend the whole day watching films for Film Studies.

These films will be The Ring, The Shining and Goodfellas.

I'm crying, as I'm watching Doctor Who and it's just shown the 2nd saddest scene in the series. This would be after Rose gets zapped by the Anne-droid and Jack's screaming at the security about it and yelling at them to leave the Doctor alone, it's so sad! The saddest is of course a tie between Jack's death and the bit before the Doctor's reincarnation.

My MSN's fucking up.

And I'm pretty much in a crappy mood.

Oh and I keep shivering and don't like it.

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