October 8th, 2005


But your eyes are bright with life and life is bright with you.

I've just been checking my old email account, as college still think that's my address, and I noticed this sent on my birthday:

"Happy Birthday, Hayley-Louise, from everyone at Xfm.

We all hope you have an excellent day and that you got that iPod / My Little
Pony / totally rad new board you were hoping for.

Seriously though, have a great day and thanks for listening to Xfm."

Thank you Xfm! I want an I'm With Peanut t-shirt. Anyone wanna buy me one. They're sold out in my size, but I can wear a man's shirt...right?

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    Missing You - Franz Ferdinand

I thought he died a long, a long long time ago...

I went shopping with Dad today. I didn't get him to buy me Trainspotting.


I got him to buy me a new guitar instead. It's blue!!! And though not unique and glittery like my other one, at least it works. The silver one needs re-wiring.

Sarah started work at Keys today, so I talked to her while I payed [I got it from Keys]. She's having fun...filing.

I've just taught myself Albion. Granted I don't know the intro and only play it very slowly, quite good for 20 minutes. Well for me anyway. Now it's not just Yellow and Yankee Doodle I can play!!!

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    The Man Who Sold The World - David Bowie