October 7th, 2005


Now there's no need to complain coz it never makes a sound.

I liked this:

Pulp - Different Class Review

So...had Media first. Nothing interesting, but I used Mary's groovy shell pen.

In Drama, Jack scared me. A lot. I don't like him playing angry characters, it makes me fearful. I'll set Angry Borrell loose on him.

GEMMA FORGOT VELVET GOLDMINE!!! AGAIN!!! Excuse me while I kill myself.

Though she did have reason. And I understand it only too well, with my grandad.

Got Sarah listening to The Subways [The acoustic Somewhere]. She said "the harmonies are sublime."

Caron wasn't in English, so I went to HMV and bought MOLKO!!!

Ok, I didn't buy Molko [I wish], but Placebo's Black Market Music was on sale [plus I had my student discount] and that one has Days Before You Came on, so YAYS!

I'm determined to make Pulp my most played artist on audioscrobbler. It was going to be Girl Kicks Boy, but it doesn't seem to be registering them. Girl Kicks Boy are [were :( ] awesome.

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