October 6th, 2005


I like it when my hair is poofy!

I've seriously gone insane. I mean INSANE. But more on that later.

Caron wasn't in for English so I just sat bored at a computer with Vicky.
In Film Studies we watched Sexy Beast. It's odd.
It's been a week without Velvet Goldmine. I'm dying.
I got NME. Babyshambles interview is fucking funny.
I went home.

I've just been tidying up my room. There's a sarong in here, as I used part of it to make my mask for drama. For some odd reason, I wrapped it around my neck. Very tightly. Too tightly. And I have NO idea why. Clearly I'm insane. After that, I went back to organising my CDs without a thought. It's only now I've begun to think "Why the hell did I do that? It was NOT a clever thing to do." I don't really have a reason to be doing it either. Believe I'm insane yet?

Well I am a bit of an idiot. In more ways than one. But let's not make this an emo entry.

"I like it when, my hair is POOFY!"
Carl sounds hilarious singing that. Who's Got The Crack is just...brilliant.

I'm hungry. I haven't eaten at all today. Waiting for mum to get home for my tea.

I'm all lightheaded now.

Oh and:

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    Who's Got The Crack - The Libertines

Christ I don't believe in Peter Pan, Frankenstein or Superman.

What's happened tonight then?

1. I did something really stupid.
2. I had a breakdown.
3. I cheered up.
4. I discussed Babyshambles.
5. I watched Pulp DVD.
6. I watched VG videos.
7. I chopped up sarong, making it slightly less possible for me to do stupid thing again.
8. I watched Theoden, Horsemaster.
9. I realised my acoustic is WAY out of tune and needs new strings. Good job I hardly play that one.
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    Bicycle Race - Be Your Own Pet