October 5th, 2005


Bread shall be sliced. Eggs shall be splintered. A ham. AND THE WATER'S BOILING!

Good moaning.

This moaning [shall stop now]I had drama first, in which Jack pretended to be a woman and I pretended to be pregnant. And we listened to the Beatles.
Then I had a free period, so I spent an hour and a half updating Teh Notebook Of Doom.
Dinner time was spent with Sarah. I gave her her awesomely rad birthday card. We talked. Twas fun. She bought me a lolly.
Key Skills was shit as always, but Aysha and I had a nice chat again. Predicting who in the class was gay.
Then off to Creative Writing plodded Sarah, Tasha and I. My Notebook Of Doom wasn't complete, but that didn't matter. We looked at an Armitage poem about homeless people, and had to write one of our own within 20 minutes, based on one of three pieces of dialogue from 3 homeless people.
Mine, so you know, was loved by both Sarah, and the tutor Sarah! BIG EGO BOOST! *feels like Borrell on a good day* I couldn't think of a title, so I asked Sarah the tutor to help. She suggested lots of different parts of the poem, and then she said "How about Common People? [I'd referenced the song in it] I'm sure Pulp won't mind." In the end I used that and when I gave it to Sarah to stick on the posters, she said "Ahh...you've taken the Jarvis Cocker route." So I rambled about Jarvis for a while. The poem also references some stuff to do with Pete's poetry, but it was too perfect for the situation not to reference.
TUTOR SARAH KILLED MOBY!!!!! Me, other Sarah, Tasha, Laura and a guy I forgot the name of stayed behind to help Tutor Sarah stick the poems to the sugar paper for display, and Tutor Sarah ripped the picture of a Big Issue with Moby on in half! Hahaha. The lad was distraught! He'd cut it out so carefully! Sarah's and mine were the only poems that hadn't been stuck down, so we get a piece of sugar paper to ourselves, shared with a ripped Moby. I've ordered that she stick a picture of Jarvis next to mine.
Then Sarah, Tasha and I went to Ottakars. I stared at the Ziggy book again and bought a nice little cheap book of Yeats poetry for £2 [much like my Byron one]. He didn't give me my discount! Ahh well, only 20p less. Got on teh bus with Sarah. Had a laugh as always.
Got home. OMGZ WE HAVE A FLOOR! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! Now all we need is wallpaper.
Went to Tony's for guitar. We didn't do Coldplay this week! AMAZING!

"Bread shall be sliced. Eggs shall be splintered. A ham. AND THE WATER'S BOILING!!! Haaaam! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Everyone should watch Theoden, Horsemaster.