October 4th, 2005


Somebody called me Sebastian...

I WAS SO KNACKERED TODAY! It was worth it though, i got to be Angry Borrell! That was fun!

Got a lift to college so I was early today. It was Sarah's birthday today. Still haven't made her card, but I gave her a Mars Bar.

Had tutor group first. Got let out an hour and a quarter before it finished, so I spent the rest of my time with Gemma [who was free], Claire and Charlotte [who were skiving], helping Gemma with her Film Studies essay. SHE FORGOT MY FUCKING DVD!!!!!!!

Then I had Media [with Fiona, the nice one]. Mary and I decided we're writing an anonymous letter to the principal complaining about Alice [the horrible one]. We wrote an essay about a film involving a Russian with a dodgy porno-style moustache.

At dinner, me, Sarah and the other Claire went into Oldham looking for Sarah's new phone.

Then I had English. I actually had fun! With Siobhan Webb! and Carla and boring Danny [who isn't actually that boring]. We had to make a poster saying why a HIV poster was effective. I spent most of it telling Siobhan stories from mum's work. She was grossed out. I love having a paramedic as a mum. Good coversation piece.

Finally I had Film Studies. I had a great little discussion with Nick about Natural Born Killers, and Gemma and I spent most of the hour going:

"Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolly lolly lolly, Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolly lolly lolly, Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolly lolly lolly, pop [pop cheek]...
BA DUM BUM BUM! Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolly lolly lolly..."

Film Studies is FUN!!!!

Walked to the bus station with Sarah and got on the bus with her. Jacob Fletcher was there! I haven't seen him since Primary School! He's gotten cool now! He goes to Oldham College [we're at Oldham Sixth Form] and we chatted about music with him and some dude in Sarah's music who Jacob also knows. He gave me his mobile number and email address, and I've gotta pass it on to Siobhan for him coz he saw her the other day. Siobhan's not as bad as she used to be. Everyone's grown up! [Except me, Gemma and Sarah, we're just as mad as we used to be.]

Went to Grandma's for tea. Watched Neighbours [I get wrapped up in that!] and had beans on toast. AND SHE BOUGHT ME A CAKE!!! CHOCOLATE!!! And this is confirmation that I have the best grandma ever:

An advert came on telly for Newsround, and Don't Look Back Into The Sun was the background music. I went "OMGZ! The Libertines!!!" Grandma then said "Ooh I quite like this!" Then she stood me up and we both danced to it! How great is my grandma? And she's Irish! If you're the Irish grandparent of an English girl, you're gonna be a cool grandparent. Or is it just me who loves old Irish people? They're great! I just love the Irish [is proud of being half Irish].

Borrell says: "Damn you Gary. Damn you to hell!"
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