October 3rd, 2005


You toss in a word, and I'm your villain.

I'm a fucking idiot.


Film Studies first. We watched some fucked up clips. Gemma forgot Velvet Goldmine AGAIN! She's bringing it tomorrow.

I had a free period so I did my Media homework. Then me and Sarah laughed our way into Oldham. I'm not even gonna go into what we were laughing at, but...


I GOT THE FRANZ ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FREE DVD!!!!!!!!! SQUEE!!!!! And I finally got t'Chiefs single for Sink That Ship.

Dinner was spent with Sarah in Creelers [the canteen] singing very loudly The Bravery's "Honest Mistake" in the style of Slasher McGhee. That was fun.

In Media, Amy stole my seat again, so I perched on the edge of Hannah and Vicky's desk. We just slagged off Alice all through the lesson. If Fiona's lessons weren't so good, and it wasn't 5 weeks into the course I'd change to English Lit. Too late now.

Drama next. We watched a clip from Natural Born Killers, then discussed A Clockwork Orange [love] and Trainspotting [love], before splitting into two groups to do a piece using Juxtaposition to Angeline by Faithless. Jack #1's group was creepy. Especially Jack #1 and Jamie. In ours, all the girls beat up Oliver [the only boy in our group]. It was fun.

Got the bus with Leigh and had a nice chat. Then I watched the Franz DVD.

"We cannot achieve victory through strength of arms." "Well lets use our legs!"
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