October 2nd, 2005


I'm glad I caught I caught you on my view screem sailor...

I got a painkiller for my legs. It's powerful. It's safe, but very, very powerful. I can't move off hte chair. I can't feel my legs at all. Everything's confusing. I'm cryying. I'm scared. Tony Blur took Rebs to Franxce and if I chew the headphones, he will have won and I will be sent to France too. I don't want to sleep. I don't want to be alone. Geoffrey's gone tofind Mr Bee, so I'm stuck here with Bob who scares me. He mustn't get out of his cage.
Jane, don't get rid of it! Glitter is your friend. Unlike the French and their frogs. Damn Scots.
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the radio's playing some forgotten song...

Talked to mum, apparantly everything was fine, it's just because I'd never taken those pills before that I went weird. And the hallucinations were not caused by the painkillers, they were caused by me freaking out.

Went to Grandads in Flockton in Wakefield. Me, mum, Grandad, Marion [Grandad's wife, not my grandma, I'm not even gonna go into the family history] and Auntie Aileen went to a Chinese resteraunt. Thing is, I don't like Chinese food, but I got a pretty umbrella in my ice cream.

Went back to Grandads and stole all his mints. We chatted for a bit. I like my family.

NME Rock&Roll Riot in a fortnight. Me, Toni, Amy and either Leigh or Sahra. And me, Toni, Mum and Auntie Aileen, as well as maybe Toni's uni friend and Cassie are going to Bon Jovi in June. Ok, I admit it. I like Bon Jovi ok? When I was 13 up until Franz entered my life, they were practically all I listened to. You have to admit Livin On A Prayer is a classic. We have some good memories of Bon Jovi songs, many of holiday. We listened to Radar Love in the car, and I was listening to Roxy music last night, so we had many holiday flashbacks.

Anyone live in the Manchester area want 2 Athlete tickets? Amy's got 2 tickets she wants to sell coz she doesn't fancy going anymore.

I kinda had a breakdown to Lily on MSN last night [thanks btw!] and ended up writing a random poem thing about Freddie Mercury and glitter. God I scare myself sometimes. I think I was still hallucinating, which was NOT the fault of the painkillers!

My legs are much better today.
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