September 30th, 2005


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I didn't go to Gemma's little birthday party. Couldn't be arsed. Still don't have Velvet Goldmine back! Grrrr!

In Media, I watched Will write Costume in 3D writing and draw Anne Robinson with muscles.

In Drama I got hypnotised. That was interesting. We were hypnotised to go back to a time when we were really angry. You could picture it happening. I was nearly in tears and Oliver nearly kicked Liz. I think it was most effective on us two. Then I shouted at God. We were doing our character monologues. Jamie's was amazing, and he made his up on the spot. It was brilliant, so frantic and sad. But he has just given up smoking, so that might have helped with the frustration.

Here's mine:

Collapse )

In English I played bingo. And lost.

Then I went into Oldham, got a notebook in which to put poetry [we have to bring our favourite poems and some of our own for Creative Writing next Wednesday, as next Thursday is World Poetry Day] and another big pad full of paper, as I'm running out already for college. Then I went to the bus stop, Sarah was there, and once again, we talked of the awesomeness of Slasher McGhee.

Got home and began developing a comic strip. It's awesome!

Really should tidy my room.

OMGZ! Teacup Gary cheated on Teacup John! I can't do much right now, as Teacup Borrell has hangover.

And I may still have some anger left over from the hypnotism. I hate you...joking!

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