September 29th, 2005


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I'm absolutely heartbroken!

But we'll get to that later.

So, I had English first. Two new girls joined our class, and I was working with them for about...5 minutes? I can't for the life of me remember their names, but even if I could, I wouldn't be able to spell them. Rather uneventful, but Caron was proud that I was the only one who could explain why the old Coca-Cola slogan was effective. Oh yes, teacher's pet! Haha. I'm already in the Creative Writing teacher's [Sarah's] good books, as I told her my favourite book's Picture Of Dorian Gray. She's not so keen on the plays though, so we argued slightly about that. She does like Salome, but she said she wasn't so keen on A Florentine Tragedy. I had the plays in my bag, so she had a flip through while I was writing my sitcom. Anyways, shut up Hayley, that was yesterday!

Break I sat with Claire eating an obscene amount of Hash Browns.

GEMMA WASN'T IN FILM STUDIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a SERIOUS issue, as she was supposed to give me back Velvet Goldmine today! Now I have to wait! She hurt herself though, so I guess it's not her fault. But I also had her Harry Potter book that she left at my house weighing my bag down. The fifth one. Hardback.

Film Studies began with a debate as to who did the better version of Hounds Of Love, Kate Bush or The Futureheads. Nick was completely on Kate Bush's side, as The Futureheads just remind him of Talking Heads. The lads were on The Futureheads' side. Alex and I like them both, but eventually we all agreed Kate's great because it's her song, but The Futureheads had the better video. Then we discussed what were the finer points of Kaiser Chiefs - Employment. A shocking amount of people picked the lesser known tracks like Caroline, Yes and Saturday Night rather than I Predict A Riot and Everyday I Love You Less And Less, but everyone thinks Oh My God is just great for a chant. So that's what we did, chanted Oh My God and then sang the "oh oh oh" bits of Hounds Of Love. Then Nick started talking about the Teenage Fanclub cover of Like A Virgin. Apparantly Nick's a massive fan. So after wasting about 20 minutes, we got on to the lesson. Just basically talking about editing. We did watch a clip of The Ring, and also a clip from a really odd French film in which all the editing is dicontinuous and fucked up, and some dude goes "Shit! The pigs!" and then shoots a policeman! Alex started asking me about Kate Moss. I said I thought she was a twat, but I thought that before she got with Pete to be honest. So then she asked what I thought of Pete, so I said I thought he was being a bit of a twat too, but I like the music. I didn't mention Carlos...which is odd. Oh, and we had a talk about A Clockwork Orange. Firstly we were talking about the shots Kubrick uses, then the plot itself. Only Nick, Adrien and I really knew about it, though others had heard of it. Nick and Adrien got into a big discussion about the ending [Kubrick used the US version that cut the final chapter of the book, or so the introduction to the book says], and me, being the only person in the room who'd actually read the book, had to clear everything up. They were slightly confused.

Got out of Film Studies and found Lauren and Rebecca had text me. Hello! I went into Oldham, and looked in Internationale because I wanted some beads. All they had was chav shit. I went in Ottakars. Still no jobs, but they have a GIANT Ziggy Stardust book written by Bowie. I was tempted to buy it, but it was too big with all my college stuff. In there it occured to me, if I can't get a job at Ottakars, why not try the library? I just want to work somewhere with books. Might try WH Smiths, that has books AND music. So I went to HMV to get NME and see if the little thing about "departing Features Ed Imran Ahmed" was a terrible dream. It wasn't. So while there I had a look at the singles. Last week, Do You Want To was completely sold out in Oldham [must be a lot of Franz fans here] so I got it today, and I got The Subways - With You, because Matt said the b-side is awesome. Then I was soooo tempted to get Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, but they were £13.99 each, and the Trainspotting soundtrack was on sale for £5, so I got that instead. And I had my student discount. I need the Trainspotting DVD! I'll get dad to buy it me. Damn 18 rated movies!

I went home and then went down to Grandma's. We went to a quaint little cafe near Tesco for some food. I love quiet, almost empty little cafe's. I might end up going there a lot now, the food's quite nice, and it's somewhere to read other than at home and in the college library. We went into the card shop so Grandma could get a birthday card, and Do You Want To came on, so I started dancing.

Then I went to Auntie Maxine's and Uncle Brian's [this Brian does NOT fit the Brian theory ok?] This is why I'm heartbroken.

Ok, a couple of years ago, Uncle Brian got hit by a motorbike. At first he'd just broken his leg. But then he got a blood clot in his leg, causing him to have 3 heart attacks and go into a coma. They had to amputate his leg otherwise he'd die, but because of the heart attacks he went blind. At this time, his son, Blayne, was only 1, so it's awful that he never gets to see his son. He and Auntie Maxine got married in July, and I swear, it was the most amazing wedding ever...and the DJ played Pulp.

So we went there to look after Uncle Brian while Auntie Maxine and Uncle Brian's mum took Blayne to a party. Uncle Brian and I had a chat about how awesome David Bowie is, which was fun. And he also likes Police, so Lauren, you have a friend! We talked to him for a while. The hard thing is you have to keep talking because he can't see, and eventually, you run out of things to say. Chris [Auntie Maxine's son from her first marriage] got home from college at about 4.20, so we went back to Grandma's and then I came home.

And I'm gonna finish writing up my sitcom this weekend.

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