September 28th, 2005


"Dude! All the Doctor Who's! Who's who in Doctor Who?" [steals Tom Baker's ridiculously long scarf]

NOTE: The majority of this entry should be read in the style of a Californian surfer dude who's been smoking pot.

Dude, like, today was so awesomely rad! Totally.

Slasher McGhee fucking rocks, that's why I'm like, soooo talking like him right now. Radical dude. Ding ding! [thrusts]

That will actually make sense by the end of this entry.

So first I had Drama, with my awesomely rad mask. [I'll be saying awesomely rad a lot, as I'm, like, soooo talking like Slasher McGhee for this entry] Jack #2 came back. Kathy's really pissed off with that dude, coz we're like soooo behind. But Jack #2 and Amanda are, like, going out and stuff. I had sooo much fun with my awesomely rad mask.

Then I had a free period, and, like, nothing to do, so I spent 2 hours and 15 minutes in the library, you know, reading. It was The Plays Of Oscar Wilde. He is such a dude!

Then I had Key Skills, which is usually, like, such a bore, but Aisha and I spent the lesson, like, laughing coz some dude kept texting her and ringing her through it asking her to, you know, suck his dick. Naughty, boy, naughty.

Then I had Creative Writing, which is the most awesomely rad lesson in the history of this planet dude! We finished our sitcom, which doesn't really focus on that old groupie chick, but mainly on Slasher McGhee when he's smacked off his face on...smack. Woah. Anyway, here it is. Well, this is, like, the first two scenes, because I seriously am too fucked to type it all up right now, so we haven't reached the drug-induced trips yet, but seriously, they are, like, soooo totally awesomely RAD! [they also feature cameos from various characters!]

Collapse )

So that's, like, the first two scenes dude. isn't it like sooooooo awesomely rad? It gets better when we meet my friend Knuckles. And also the inclusion of this radical sentence:

"Dude! Look! A Care Bear! Shoot him down! Shoot him down! Woah! Shaun The Sheep! I come in peace."

It is...what's the phrase? Awesomely rad! Sarah and I were, like, crying with laughter on the bus because of that. It was awesome! I'll write more of it tomorrow.

Anyways, I went for my guitar lesson, which was, you know, fun, and then I got back and found out Lauren's, like, okay, and there's a spider dude in my room called either Fred or George, but he keeps hiding, so I can't squash him. Naughty, Spider, naughty.

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