September 27th, 2005


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I was late this morning. Tutor group wasn't interesting in the slightest. All I did was talk to Dijon. He lives on the street that leads on to mine, so I just talked about my house for a few minutes to him.

Media studies consisted on us watching rather a lot of clips. Hardly did much then either. Did comment to Mary about how cheese makes you thirsty.

Spent dinner with Sarah, Gemma, Claire, Rachel, Kirsty and Gemma's new friend Sam. While we were sat down in the canteen, I remembered I needed to text Lauren. Not that even if she was awake and out of the hospital, she'd be able to reply [she has no credit] but I still did. I still don't know how it went, I really hope she's ok. Anyways, I started to get a bit nervous and sick. I lost my appetite and kept tapping, but Gemma forced me to eat some of her chips. Then I couldn't stop. That's the thing with me, when I'm nervous, I either eat too much or don't eat at all. We went to the smoking area [Gemma, Claire and Sam smoke]. I didn't smoke, since I don't, but having those smoking around me oddly calmed me.

In English, Louise wanted to keep my Pulp DVD! I'd analysed the adjective use on the back, but she wasn't keeping it in college! So she went down and copied it. I was working with boring Danny again [but we get along a bit better now] and Siobhan, we had to come up with a list of 12 people who we think are useless celebrities. Then we swapped with another group, and picked someone off the other group's list. Siobhan went to work with someone else then, as we worked in pairs, so Danny and I picked Tim Henman. This was the task.

"All the celebrities are in a hot air balloon that is steadily losing altitude. Wite a speech convincing the other celebrities not to throw your celebrity out of the hot air balloon [thus losing weight] to a horrible and painful death."

Well that was a task and a half. Danny and I just ended up talking about his Ariel adverts.

Then it was Film Studies. I lent Gemma Velvet Goldmine [OMG!] and Donnie Darko. I've told her I MUST have Velvet Goldmine back by Thursday. I will die otherwise. She invited me to her birthday party on Friday. Apparantly we all have to dress as schoolgirls, but I refused to wear a skirt, so I'm wearing black pants. We were studying editing. Nick was in today. We watched the trailer for "The Man In The Iron Mask" and clips of "Psycho" "Trainspotting" [yay!] and something else, but I forget, and talked about how each was edited.

Walked to the bus station with Sarah and Tasha and got the bus with Sarah. Guess who was the bus driver? None other than my sister's bastard ex-boyfriend who is a complete and utter twat! Thankfully they changed drivers. Sarah's banned me from saying fuck. I have to say "fook".

I'm supposed to have a mask made for Drama for tomorrow. I broke the plate with which it should have been made, so I've had to use paper. I'll have to explain to Suzanne why it's so shit. Might stick some material on it to make it look a bit better, but it's absolutely shit.

I want to talk to Lauren. I want to see how she is. I hope she doesn't have to stay overnight, she says she really doesn't want to.

Creative Writing tomorrow! Oh yes, the return of Slasher McGee and The Decapitators!

I want Velvet Goldmine back!!!

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