September 26th, 2005


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I'm eating soup.

Soup, soup, a tasty soup, soup, a spicy carrot and coriander, chilli chouder!

Today was interesting for oh-so-many reasons.

First day of college as a person in a relationship. And I still had the biggest hangover from Saturday night. STILL! I never realised you could miss someone that much, even for just a couple of hours. I was already texting her in first lesson.

First lesson, by the way, was Film Studies. You know how I spent last night panicking about my essay? Nick wasn't in. Marvellous. And who did we have as replacement? My most hated tutor, Alice, my production teacher for Media. We had to watch a film on editing and make notes. Alice would come back every once in a while to check on us. I made two notes:

- Quentin Tarantino = VERY scary man

- I'm bored.

Gemma and I spent most of the lesson talking about Harry Potter. We also discussed Velvet Goldmine and Donnie Darko. I said I'd lend her them both tomorrow, on the condition I DEFINATELY had Velvet Goldmine back by Wednesday. When she's done with Donnie Darko, must lend that to Sarah. I also kind of hinted about me and Lauren [I didn't want to just randomly say it, I mean, come on, I've known this girl since I was three!], but she already knew how drunk I was, so I don't think she took me seriously.

Then I had a free period, so Sarah, Tasha and I went to the library, where I spent an hour and a half reading The Importance Of Being Earnest, which I continued to do throughout dinner. Then, I had Media. With Alice. Fuck. The new girl sat in Mary's place, so Mary had to sit on the other side of her and Omar. We had our first group bonding session while Alice was sorting out the Film Studies class. That was spent slagging Alice off. She never smiles! We all said we'd give Will [her most hated student] 50p if he could make her laugh, but I think he may end up getting kicked off the course intead. Alex and Lisa got kept behind and shouted at for LAUGHING! Apparantly that's not grown up. God I hate her.

Then I had Drama. We all lay on the floor and did a relaxation exercise, then without speaking to anyone, we had to write as much as we possibly could about our characters, and then tell that to the group at the end. I don't remember writing a thing. I was like, in a trance. I was so shocked reading out about Charlotte, I didn't remember any of it. Here's a summary of what I wrote. In the relaxation exercise, we had to think of a place, word or person that made us happy. I think it's obvious what mine was when you read Charlotte's surname, and I don't even remember doing that. I told you I was in a trance.

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So after that, Kathy and I went into Oldham to get some food, then we went to the bus station to meet her mates. Guess who one of them was? Leigh who I met on MySpace. Guess what else? She gets my bus. We looked through the artists on [my] iPod and [her] Zen, and there's many similarities. I've asked her if she wants to go to Kaiser Chiefs is Amy and/or Sahra isn't going. She has told me she'll try and get me a job at McDonalds. Not my first choice [that would be Ottakars], but a job's a job. She'd love to work at Ottakars too. We started talking about books, she likes Oscar Wilde! OMG! And she likes The Smiths! Moz Love! I told her about The Rotter's Club and Velvet Goldmine [Lily, she likes BRIAN MOLKO!], and so, when Gemma's done with Velvet Goldmine, I'm watching it again, then lending it her, and she's lending me The Breakfast Club! Oh she's cool. And also, her house is two minutes away from mine.

So other than the severly incurable hangover, and the monster called Alice, it's been a good day.

Lauren, get credit.

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We were discussing family on MSN. This is just the bare backbones of my mum's side of the family.

*sigh* my nan had my uncle andrew, he was born mentally and physically disabled, then she had uncle peter, who got adopted, then she had mum then her and grandad divorced, then she married again and had auntie julie, then they divorced, got in contact with uncle peter, met him for the first time since i was three last january, last april got a phone call, was my real grandad who hadn't been in contact with us since toni was born [didn't know i was born], met him and wife and kids, phil, aileen, ANOTHER julie, and jackie died when she was 12, and then there's their kids. and that's just the basics of mum's side of the family. there's also punks, hippies and slash. And Hypophosphetimic Ostemalatia. [That's a bugger to type.]