September 22nd, 2005


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I'm putting it in the post on my way to Grandma's later. There's not as much in it as I wanted there to be, but I'm sure there'll be more letters for that.

Tumbling Down from Velvet Goldmine came on my iPod on the way home from college, so now I'm really in the mood to watch that scene. It also happens to be the scene where Curt shags Arthur. What a lucky coincidence! Hahahaha!

My fucking bus driver is a twat! He didn't let me off at my stop, but drove me into Sholver, so it took me 20 mins to walk from Sholver to my bus stop, and it takes another 10 mins to walk from my bus stop home. And Sholver's horrible.

English was alright for a change today. Film was fantastic as always. I think Nick's probably my favourite tutor. We did a quiz, and then all stood up, and when he called out a number, if that was your score, you sat down. Me, Gemma and some other girl all got 13 out of 15, which was the highest, so he said:

"[faint Scouse accent] Right, these are our winners, so now we all have to congratulate them by singing Elton John's 'I'm Still Standing!'" At which point he began to sing and dance to 'I'm Still Standing'. Yep, Nick's definately my favourite tutor, followed by Sarah the Creative Writing tutor, as she lets us watch Father Ted and gives us sweets/chocolate/biscuits every lesson.

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I have new found respect for Dave Berry, he likes PJ and Duncan.

You should all watch TRL now, later they're gonna show Kaiser Chiefs on a Japanese game show.