September 20th, 2005


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I forgot to mention this yesterday!


Today was...alright. Forgot my ID card. Oops. Handed in my interview with boring dude, but I layed it out nicely and kind of implied he liked to dress up like a woman. I might post it later. I aws much wittier than he.

I'm in the mood to read Shoelaces *hints at lah_de_dah*

Lauren [clashcitizens]and I seem to have a habit of saying things to each other we later regret recently. I blame the videos. But to be fair, they're hot videos! Oh Velvet Goldmine, how I love thee! Ooh, I've got Creative Writing tomorrow, more of trying to convince Tasha to watch Velvet Goldmine to see Brian Molko running around London in his fabulous hat and feather boa.

My romantic situation has worsened, especially since I have developed a crush on another.

The dude I keep seeing around college who looks like Johnny Borrell is called Martin, is in the year above me, and Gemma, Claire and Charlotte know him. He went to their school and did drama with them there. He talked to us while getting a fag off Charlotte. Normally, smoking's not great, but when hot people do it, it's...HOT! Apparantly I'm never to tell him he looks like Teh Borrell.

But now what do I do? Do I somehow get to talking with Martin and hope for the best, or do I ignore him, because I think I really like this other person I know I can never be with? And I have a crush on the Student President Tim too! Shit! I really like this person, but I know I can't, so should I just forget it?

And OMG! Today I got told I looked "very Carl Barat" today. I had on my green shirt, which looks like the Angry Young Man shirt without Angry Young Man on it, my ripped jeans and my red leather jacket. And I had my hair down. That had me beaming all day. I still need to get my Velvet Goldmine outfit.


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I'm writing Lauren a letter! She must prepare for her post to be filled with random crap. I'm writing it as I listen to Cemetry Gates too, so this should be fun!

Anyone else want to feel loved with letters? Actually, I really shouldn't yet, I do still have college work, but I'm still writing Lauren's now.

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