September 19th, 2005


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I'm in college!

And Livejournal is not blocked! Woohoo!

I've got a free period, so I'm just on the pc doing random stuff. Never mind.


Has anyone got Damn Damn Leash by Be Your Own Pet? Can you upload it to Yousendit, coz it wouldn't let me download it from megaupload yesterday, and I love that song! Cheers!

Better go! Bye x


and she's clinging to the nearest passer-by, she's lost control


but we'll get to that later...

Got the bus with Gemma this morning, and we talked about her new boyfriend.

Film Studies was first. We watched a funny silent film, the opening of Goldeneye, and an absolutely SICK children's animation called The Sandman. In it, The Sandman attacked a little boy who was lying scared in bed and ripped out his eyes, then fed them to his kids. Then the kid woke up and had no eyes, and started stumbling around, and then the black background behind him disappeared, and there was LOADS of kids with no eyes stood there. And this was a fucking PG! I'd never let my kids watch that, but Nick said if he has kids, he's gonna make them watch it. I worry about Nick.

Yet I still love him. Why I hear you cry [possibly]? Alex was wearing red shoes a la Judy Garland in the Wizard Of Oz, and Nick noticed and mentioned it, then he said, and I quote:

"If anyone else can wear shoes from films, please do. Like someone come in in sandals like Jesus Christ Superstar, and someone else come in in some giant platforms like in VELVET GOLDMINE!" was like a squee x 100. I'm sure people thought I was insane, but Nick already knows I like Velvet Goldmine, as I reviewed the Gimme Danger scene in an early lesson. I'm soooooooooo getting some platform shoes now! I might just come in as different characters every film lesson. Leather pants and black nail varnish, I'm Curt Wild. Platform shoes and flamboyant clothing, I'm Brian Slade. A top hat and a feather boa, I'm Brian Molko.

At break we went in the canteen. Bon Jovi was playing on the radio so we had a big singalong, which was fun.

Second period I had free, so I went in the Graphics study area with Sarah and Tasha, that's when I came on LJ. Sarah and Tasha spent most of their time talking about Manga while I wrote out track listings to send to Toni. But I did get Tasha onto the topic of Placebo. I DESPERATELY want her to watch Velvet Goldmine. EVERYONE must see Placebo singing T-Rex. I manage to slip it into conversation every now and again.

Dinner was spent with Sarah, eating and talking whilst listening to the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack [damn Nick, he got me in a VG mood all day!]

Then I had Media. Mary agrees with me. Alice is a TERRIBLE tutor. I can't stand her. Luckily we have Fiona the other two lessons a week. We had a big conversation about "Nibble Nobby's Nuts".

I had Drama last. Stupid Jack #2 is in Lanzarote, so it was just me and Kathy trying to come up with the opening of our play. Though I do love my character. I'm called Charlotte [taken from Charlotte Hatherley] and I have the personality of Johnny Borrell with PMS. We're in an ameteur theatre group performing The Importance Of Being Earnest [I chose the play]. A play within a play! It's great! I cut my knee! Kathy was pushing me out of the way of a light about to fall on my head [in the play, not in real life].

Fit guy on the bus!

Toni rang me. She's going to Babyshambles and Bloc Party with her roommate. I've already seen Bloc Party, but BABYSHAMBLES! She said she was gonna invite me, but it's during the week. She may be coming to NME Rock&Roll Riot because if my friends don't pay me soon, they're not coming. Mum paid ages ago.

Haha! My obsession with Alex Zane grows.

Max the twat: He'll flash for you! He does it all the time. Even when I don't want him to.

Alex: [lifting up his shirt] Sadly it's true!

Alex: [grabbing his man-brest] Milk?

Alex: These two have been hugging through all the break. Is that a lip piercing? Better be careful, I have a magnet in my willy!

He's odd.

Ahoy me hearties! Tis Talk Like A Pirate day! Yarr!

I've decided, if I was a man, I'd either have Carlos hair or Jarvis hair.

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LJ Interests meme results

  1. billie joe armstrong:
    erm...i admire his eyeliner techniques. very artistic!
  2. charlotte hatherley:
    she is my hero. well one of. and my favourite female musician. plus, she's dating the shaun of the dead director!
  3. donnie darko:
    complete mindfuck with a great soundtrack! JOY DIVISION!
  4. ian curtis:
    another of my idols. i so wish i was alive to see him play. or he was still alive. the best of joy division. yes, even more than hooky!
  5. kings of leon:
    the line dancing in king of the rodeo intrigues me.
  6. muse:
    i. fucking. love. muse. end of.
  7. pete doherty's hat:
    and peanuts hat, and teh borrell's hat. just every article of clothing mentioned on peanuts_hat
  8. snow patrol:
    run is my karaoke song. fact.
  9. the hives:
  10. tv:
    i wish it didn't pick this, coz i don't watch loads of tv, but some stuff on tv i fucking love!

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