September 17th, 2005


i sold my soul for the second time

Well, my sister's gone.

She moves to Newcastle this morning. I was supposed to go along, but I've been forced to stay at home as there's no room in the car. It was killing me, I couldn't get upset as she was crying her eyes out about having to leave and me not being with her for it, so I gave her a Tom Vek badge, I copied her a bunch of CD's, said I'd send the rest in the post and tried to stay happy for her. She'd never cheer up if I was crying. I cried when she'd gone for about half an hour, then I remembered she's back in October for Dad's birthday, so it's not too bad. To cheer up, I listened to Up The Bracket in it's entirity, and then Death On The Stairs on repeat a further 6 times. Now I'm listening to Alex Zane's XFM show, so I'm a bit happier. She still can't find Kids In The Riot. She said mum moved it, so mum can give me the money for a new one. Twat. I love that book!

So that's it. Mum and Dad are going out tonight too, so I'm all alone today. Ahh well, don't have to worry about interruptions at least.

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    The Importance Of Being Idle - Oasis


Last time I did this, the links didn't work, hopefully they will this time! Not all are uploaded as of yet, but when the others are done, the link will work.


Fade Together - Franz Ferdinand

Ride A White Swan - T-Rex

Do You Want To - Franz Ferdinand

Rebellion (Lies) - Arcade Fire

Don't Stop Me Now - Queen


Best Of You - Foo Fighters

Burn Baby Burn - Ash

Fit But You Know It - The Streets

Mr Brightside - The Killers

Sorry, I've been drinking again. Mum and Dad seem to be supplying me with endless amounts of alcohol now I'm their only child living at home. Anyway, I LOVE MY MSN NAME!

"and Morrissey said, 'the Glitter Kids shall inherit the earth' and thus it was done. and then he sent his son, Baby Jarvis"

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    I Want To Hear What You Have Got To Say - The Subways