September 16th, 2005


girls scrabble round with no clothes on, to borrow a pound for a condom

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I think perchance I am Curt Wild.

My hatred of tabloids grows. Ok, Kate Moss snorted coke. Pete may have had something to do with it, but in the end, only Kate could have made the decision whether or not to do it. But Kate is a tabloid darling and none of the blame is being laid on her, guess who is getting blamed? I've decided, from now on, I don't give a shit about the personal lives, I'm just gonna listen to the music. The tabloids have always been a pile of shit anyway, but dad has a habit of buying them. Why can't we get The Guardian instead? We could be reading Alex Kapranos' column!

the lines of light, they tell my mind, i'm a child

I'm seriously fucked.

I like someone. I shouldn't like them. I mean I REALLY shouldn't. And yet I think I do, and they're always on my mind. Still, they don't like me, and even if they did, it'd be WAY too complicated and would never work. It is a pretty fucked up situation. In fact, VERY fucked up.

Now I've got the emoness out of the way:

College started at 10 today. Had Media first. Not very interesting except Omar stole Mary's monkey pen and I got a bit excited when they showed a clip of The Pianist.

Break I was on my own coz I couldn't find everyone. But then i found Claire and she asked if I wanted to go to the pub at dinner.

Drama I got put in my exam group. I got put with Jack #1 AGAIN! But then Liz realised she fucked up the groups, so I'm now with Kathy and Jack #2. Jack #2 is scared of me.

At the pub, I saw James who used to go to stage school with Gemma, Claire and I. Had some Blue WKD, which I needed for the boredom of English Language approaching. Spoke to Sarah for 5 minutes.

English Language is soooooooooo boring! My class is really dull. I should have done the Language/Literature combined. I hate my English class. The only think I look forward to is in the Creative Writing part of the course, writing poetry and stories. The Creative Writing enrichment is much better, but Sarah and Tasha are in there.

Lauren [clashcitizens ] don't worry, you're not the only one to feel emo right now.


1. The above part about liking someone.

2. My sister moves away tomorrow. Have to set of at 7.30 am. Mum said I could stay home, but I won't see her again till Christmas.


4. Lauren's feeling emo.

5. The guy who looks like Johnny Borrell at college is apparantly not as fond of really tight jeans as Teh Borrell.


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