September 15th, 2005


me, i'm just a dilly boy, fresh flower pressed picadilly boy, hands on hips, pouts on lips

Well today. It rained. I don't do well in the rain.

Had English Language first period. Was boring as always. That class is beginning to depress me, but I'm not dropping out, because I want the qualification in it. I just don't like my class. I don't hate them, they're just a bit boring.

At break I talked to Claire and Charlotte, and then I had Film Studies. We had to draw a scene from a horror film. Alex's was good. The lad next to her was brilliant. Gemma and I just had a laugh. I somehow managed to steal a line from a Willy Mason a picture. And Gemma nearly lost a mark for costume, as she included no costume other than a duvet. It was a laugh. Then we watched a scene from Psycho. It was cool.

I was supposed to go home after that, but I stayed for a bit and hung out with Gemma and her mates. Some of them smoked, and because I was wearing my red leather jacket, I smelled like a mix of smoke and cow.

I got home and listened to music, talked to Lauren and Amy, sorted out my room a bit and posted my unlikely_lads  entry. I'm not sure if people will like it, but I had fun.

Aww Lauren's just told me she loves me! Isn't she sweet! Hahaha! Sorry, it wasn't like a declaration of love, it was a goodbye as she's going out, and I thought I'd embarrass her a bit. But no this was what she said:

"you! miriam!" "Goth Juice... The most powerful hairspray known to man. Made from the tears of Robert Smith." says:

i have to go out now, its their last night and we're all going for a meal and disco... love you! xxx

Of course that was completely pointless, but I'm running out of things to say, so now more randomness.

Jarvis is hot.

I'm listening to Dilly Boys.

Toni still hasn't found my Kids In The Riot book! She'd better find it before she moves on Saturday.

I've been having weird dreams and doubts about myself. It's odd. I don't like it. I prefer it when I know what's going on.

I think our college should do an Oldham/Guernsey exchange trip.

Roast Potatoes are tasty.

In Chinatown they all go lalalalalalalalalala....................

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