September 12th, 2005


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"god save our gracious queen..." and so on.

Went shopping with Sarah in my free period. Not advisable when you've got to carry your shopping around college with you.

I got the last Doctor Who DVD! Sarah and I then called everything "FANTASTIC!" a la Christopher Eccleston! Watching it now! CAPTAIN JACK!

I also got Selected Poems of Lord Byron, an old Libertines single that had been imported ["Can't Stand Me Now", I got it for Never Never.], Do Me Bad Things - Yes, and new copies of The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead and Pulp - Different Class. My old copies have disappeared. After all that, I forgot eyeliner.

I forgot how good Boom Town is. The woman who plays Margaret wasn't that great in Aliens Of London/World War Three, but she's really good in this. And JACK! AND THE DOCTOR! SLASH! Sarah agrees that they'd make a good couple!

We also got chips.

I've scared all my drama class. I rambled to Cathy for a while about my purchases and why Jarvis rules, said hello to Jack 2, and convinced Jack 1 to do a roly poly. We split into our groups to do a play, but I kept distracting them with my fear of the scaffolding we were sat next to. I rambled about many things. Jack 2 is scared of me. And he can jump really high! In our play, Jack 1 killed Jack 2 over a camera. It was very much like Geoffrey's death in The Hole. All of the people in our group love that film. We're kindred spirits. Walked to the bus stop with Jack 2. He's rather groovy, though I terrify him with my randomness.

I'm watching the meal between The Doctor and Margaret. That's an amazing scene. Bye x

Oh and:

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"they're from the planet raxocoricophalapatorious[sp.]""oh great, maybe we can send them a letter!"

OMG! Bad Wolf! When Jack's screaming at The Weakest Link staff for what they did to Rose and telling them to leave The Doctor alone! The Parting Of The Ways is no longer the only Doctor Who episode to make me cry.

I want to print out a Jack picture for my wall, but have no tape. I'll look downstairs. The Parting Of The Ways now. I'm enjoying this DVD. I have something to *temporarily* replace Velvet Goldmine, as people are sick of me quoting that now.