September 10th, 2005


kissing in a tree made me shy, i don't like being watched by some old guy!

Oh. My. Morrissey!

Alex Zane's jacket on Balls Of Steel.

1. Tis gorgeous.

2. My sister has that exact same jacket. It's from TopShop. Alex Zane shops at TopShop! I've never heard a greater thing in my life!


Sweet Krishna! Did that audience have so sense of humour at all? How could they pick the "Militant Black Guy" to win? He was RUBBISH! I hate racist comedy. Alex or The Naked Man should have won. Or maybe the people who squirted Tom Cruise, just to get arrested.

Branching out from that, it's clear the Brits have a better sense of humour than the Yanks [the exception being Sharon Osbourne]. What did Pete Doherty do when squirted? He stumbled a bit, laughed, flashed them a cheeky smile and walked off. What did Tom Cruise do? Argue for about 15 minutes [which was basically just repeating "You're a jerk!" over and over again] and then get them arrested. At least Sharon Osbourne had the decency to throw a buckt of water over one of the cameras!

I shouldn't drink. I've not even had a lot, not drunk, just a bit hyper. I think I scared suthnoli though. Sorry! Sarah and I have been scaring a lot of people today.

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All about that Personality Crisis you got it while it was hot.

I desperately want to update At 1am, but college has worn me out and I must sleep!

I will say this before I go.

I'm ashamed at you f-list. It's Saturday already, and you guys haven't posted in unlikely_lads , save a few of you. Still got a few hours. Do it, and I'll provide you with something lovely, like a picture of bunnies or skinny indie boys or skinny indie boys WITH bunnies. Whatever you want. Just do it. I'm extremely shocked violent_purple hasn't posted in it, especially since she helped come up with the idea!

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No wonder Daddy Long Legs [scum of the earth] keep turning up in my bath.


We could have peeping toms and everything!

Stupid building work.

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I need to report the happenings of Peanut's hat's wedding to Teh Borrell's hat on peanuts_hat but I'm babysitting Amber. Oh, and I have to post the new unlikely_lads picture. I'll wait till Amber goes to bed.

Amber, by the way, is the coolest cousin ever! She's almost 6, and has spent most of the night coming up with witty remarks about Toni's dress, playing guitar and dancing about. She's absolutely hilarious! She's watching Little Britain now. I said she could stay up till 11 [an hour later than she should] just coz she's being good.

Jaffa Cake Delights are like an orgasm, food stylee. Seriously. Beautiful. I may even like them more than actual Jaffa Cakes! *is shocked*

OMG! Did anyone listen to Simon Amstell on XFM today? It was his last one! I love Simon, he's great! He was talking to Ralf Little, who is equally cool.

Ralf: [after talking about what he likes in a woman] So what do you look for?

Simon: I go for skinny men. Really skinny men. Painfully skinny.

Ralf: Really?

Simon: Yep.

Ralf: Well I'm skinny...

Simon: Yeah, you are pretty skinny, but no, skinnier than you.

Ralf: Skinnier than ME?

Simon: Yeah. I like bulimics.

OMGZ! SLASH OVERLOAD! Simon's just groovy! And he ended his final show with Marvin Gaye! Haha!

Haha! I have Franz's new album! Yes I know, illegal downloading is bad bad BAD! But don't worry, I'm gonna buy it when it's out anyway, so I'm not really stealing...I'm borrowing. Bloody great though. Toni came in my room when I was listening to Elanor Put Your Boots On.

Toni: This doesn't sound like Franz.

Me: Well they can branch out into different sounds.

Toni: Yeah, but it's a bit soft. You expect Franz Ferdinand to sound like *does Take Me Out riff*.

Me: You're just thinking of the singles and stuff. Have you even listened to the old album? Auf Achse was a bit slower on that. If they all sound the same it'd get boring!

*I put on Do You Want To*

Toni: This sounds like Franz.

Me: That's because it IS Franz! And you know this song already!


Must pick unlikely_lads pic now.

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