September 9th, 2005


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Razorlight interviews are funny.

Dave Berry: If you were to sleep with a mermaid, would you rather have top half human and bottom half fish or top half fish and bottom half human?

Bjorn: Can I have all fish? [FISH FETISH!]

Johnny: Well you've gotta have the classic top hald human, bottom half fish haven't you?

Dave Berry: Really? So you'd, you know, with the fish half?

Johnny: Well you can just be friends you know?

Bjorn: It's not all about sex!

Dave Berry: Well you're a bit of a sad man if you're friends with mythical creatures on rocks.

Andy: There is one you know! They found one somewhere!

Dave Berry: If you had to sleep with a man, your life depended in it, who would it be?

Johnny: We sleep with each other all the time! [BOYLOVE! haha!]

Carl: Bjorn. Or Ian! The sound guy!

Johnny: Not Ian again!

Dave Berry: Do you dump a girl in person or over text messgae?

Johnny and Bjorn: In person.

Carl: Girl? [places hand strategically on Dave Berry's shoulder]

Andy: I wouldn't dump her. I'd be too scared.

Dave Berry: If youw ere on Stars In Their Eyes, who would you be?

Bjorn: What's Stars In Their Eyes?

Dave Berry: It's a classic British TV show hosted by the lovely Cat Deeley...

Bjorn: Oh, so like Blackadder?

Johnny: No! Like X Factor, only pretending to be someone else.

Dave Berry: let's rephrase this. What would you think if you saw someone on Stars In Their Eyes as you?

Johnny: Why would they be us?

Andy: I could think of better people than us.


There was also something about the colour fanny hair they'd have, which is odd for 5 men to be discussing, but to re-cap, Bjorn has a fish fetish, and Razorlight engage in Boy Love.


Spent dinner with Sarah today. She's great. She's not a hippy anymore, she's a half hippy, half mosher, and she's great! And she likes T-REX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We spent about 10 minutes talking about Sonic. Sadly I couldn't convince her that Tails is MUCH cooler than Knuckles. Still, we had a laugh. Got her email address and we're both free 2nd period on Monday, so we're gonna hang out. Yay! Everyday I'm less and less of a loner!

Watching the best comic book films on Screenplay. Just so you know, I love X-Men...particularly the second one, Spiderman and Superman. Still haven't seen Batman Begins, but I really should...CHRISTIAN BALE!!! I'm gonna watch that. I must. Ooh it's showing it now! Aww! They're interviewing him...GO BACK TO YOUR MANCHESTER ACCENT A LA VELVET GOLDMINE! I was sure he spoke in a British accent as himself and not just Arthur. Yes, he's from Wales! So why's he talking all American? Stop it Christian!!! I must watch the documentary again. Why must he change?


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