September 8th, 2005


i move like a cat, charge like a ram, sting like a bee, babe i wanna be your man

i need to practise interviewing people and being interviewed.

and i need to give hayley [not me hayley, chav hayley] a pic of me for the interview in english language. must buy ink cartridge.

english language today was boring. the only person there's a chance i'd get along with is pete, but he's constantly at danielle's side. that's what happens when you have pretty blonde girls in your class, and you run in 10 minutes late from the rain.

film studies was much better. gemma's thinking of dropping out, depending on if she gets this agent guy. it's a shame, coz film studies is fun. we had to write about a scene from a film and how it made us react. there was stuff like Saw, Shaun Of The Dead...I of course picked the one nobody's heard of, but is still the best film ever...Velvet Goldmine! I picked the "Gimme Danger" scene, coz it's so fucking sad! And Ewan looks hot.

Plus, in my first week I didn't really want to write about gay glam rock stars shagging each other, so I picked this scene.

We watched a scene from Final Destination. Tod's death is crap! Why couldn't it have been more gory! Like Saw! I'm a fan of the gore. Nick [the teacher], wants anyone with 80's slasher films [that's SLASHER, not SLASH...sadly, could have brought Velvet Goldmine for slash films!] to bring them in, so Film Studies is gonna be a gore fest!

Alex remembered that I liked The Libertines from Media, and we started talking about Pete at Live 8. Gemma joined in, and we all agreed that it wasn't as bad as the press made out! So what if he forgot the words. It's PETE! And he had a nice jacket! And hat! And it was a T-Rex song! Of course I'd like it! I mean...T-REX!!!

Got to go home after Film Studies, so I listened to Franz on the way, developing my Franz Ferdinand Rock Opera. Got home and watched a Velvet Goldmine music video to The Man Who Sold The World. One of the best yet! Of course after that and my Velvet Goldmine analysis in Film, I just HAD to watch the film...for the 4th time this week.

Watched TRL. I only watch it for Alex and in the hope they show Franz's new video. Alas, we were treated to Jamie Cullum. Still, Alex was on it, and he wrote a song entitled:

I Can't Stop Watching You...I Hope You Never Find Out

I'm watching you

I'm watching you

I'm disguised as a tree!

Out in your garden

No, not that one!

The bigger one!

Now I'm creeping like a little foal into your room

I'm watching you

I'm watching you

Clearly genius. Jamie Cullum was dumbstruck with wonder.

Read some angst and cried, but I think that was just left over tears from Velvet Goldmine. Only 3 films make me cry like a baby.

1. Velvet Goldmine

2. The Champ

3. Open Water - I was crying with pain. Sitting through that was torture! I fell asleep in the cinema for half an hour, until Scarlett woke me up by laughing at a Jooster shaped like a penis. Then she ate it.

Why isn't my DVD player coming on? I wanna watch 'Allo 'Allo!

I love Fridays at college! Start an hour later, finish an hour earlier! Fucking brilliant!

I forgot how you put text files on iPods. I did it once, and now I don't know how to do it! Can anyone help? I don't wanna keep carrying books around college with me, and I need something to read! The Rotters Club squished my Mars Bar!

Just been looking up T-Rex lyrics on, I was SURE One Inch Rock said One Inch Cock.

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