September 2nd, 2005


scent of magnolia, sweet and fresh, and the sudden smell of burning flesh

I declare September 1st EMO DAY!

Reason 1: I've been crying on the phone to Grandma Charlie [best Gran ever btw!] because I hate my parents and they quickly destroy every ounce of happiness I may obtain. Also I'm scared of college. Three of four of my courses are the ones with the biggest courseworks, and I know absolutely no-one! Seriously. No-one.

Reason 2: Ciara wildhoneypie4 is upset for some reason and I don't like it when groovy people are upset!

Reason 3: Sinead told me her parents are splitting up and her dad is moving out tomorrow [well, technically today, it's now September 2nd.]

Reason 4: I have a sister mourning the loss of her holiday romance and forcing me to watch the video of such person. When we're not watching that, she's talking about him all the time. It annoys me.

Reason 5: I'm still deaf in my left ear from the plane and narrowly avoided falling down the stairs and landing in all the building materials, which could possible kill me. They need to be moved!

Reason 6: My house still looks like a bomb site.


DAMN YOU GREEN DAY! Wake Me Up When September Ends has caused everyone to feel emo as soon as we hit September. Grrrrrrrrr!

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I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We now have a maid of honour, Ciara wildhoneypie4, a priest, Rowie, and we would like to ask Lily lah_de_dah and Jane suthnoli to be bridesmaids. The positions of best man, flower girls and ushers are still available. And ring bearer. We have a special request for sleepingwithnme to be there, all wearing something that declares their love for a hack of their choice.

PS. Lauren darling, save me from the daddy long leg! [lovely ring btw!]

PPS. What do you think of AK taking wedding photos. Should ask.