August 26th, 2005


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hiya everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i´m in tenerife! i´m boiling! i´m 16!!!

well wednesday was my birthday. lily, that was the best birthday card ever! got lots of moneys and állo állo on dvd from toni. i also got serenaded my elvis while freddie shoved his chest in my face. when i get back i´ll type up my diary entry and perhaps that will make more sense. monday i went jamming with dave the guitarist from the pub and a 10 year old kid. he was cool. he taught me how to play "who the fuck is alice!"

got my gcse results yesterday.

Maths B

Drama A

English A

English Literature B (damn frankenstein coursework!)

Expressive Arts A

Religion A

Spanish B

Biology C

Chemistry C

Physics D

And I got 2 C´s for Science in year 9. Every GSCE student I hope you did well, and pretty much every A Level student did anyway! Toni got 3 C´s by the way.

I´ve ran out of time. May come back again before I come home on Tuesday. So bye bye for now!

Oh, if anyone can send me a copy of last week´s NME (oasis cover) i will love you forever! toni didn´t get it me and i have a letter in it!