August 13th, 2005


you know i cherish you my love

Oh how twatty I feel. Eddie came this morning along with a lad called Ryan. Eddie left, Ryan's doing the fireplace. Found out Ryan's a mate of my cousin Chris, and here I am looking a right state. I don't want to look nice for Ryan, but I don't want him thinking Chris's cousins are scruffs, especially the state Toni's in right now. She's gone back to bed. Ryan's kinda like one of those people with chav qualities, but is a nice lad. I just spent 10 minutes running around looking for a shovel for him. I couldn't find it and now feel like a fool.

Last night was interesting, for the wrong reasons. Once again I'm lazy, so I'm gonna copy it straight out of my diary. It's more fun that way anyway.


Just got to Grandma's. She's given me a birthday card! My first! Not allowed to open it till my actual birthday though.


I'm in the back of Uncle Jimmy's van [the front's only 2 seater, and Grandma can't exactly sit in the back, can she?] and it's scary! I keep falling over when we turn corners, and my lovely shirt now has a fair bit of dust on it. Scariest bit is the fact there's no windows in the back, so I can't even see when we're gonna turn a corner and get ready for it!


Out of the van now and in Auntie Maureen and Uncle Jimmy's house. LIGHT! OH HOW I LOVE THE LIGHT!


Am in the pub watching Grandma play bingo. Have just gone to the toilets because I had to write this.

Patrick, Tom and Ben are here. I know it didn't happen, but I was sure I saw Tom put his hands around Patrick's waist. OMG! BOYLOVE! It didn't happen though. I was seeing things. a_f has corrupted me into imagining boy love between my friends. [Well I don't really know Tom, but I've known Patrick since I was little. Grandma said I should go out with him. NO! I know him too well for that!]

Am bored, and had daydream that I was playing acoustic gig in this very pub, which seeing that it only has about 15 people in, doesn't seem like such a big task. I'm so bored, so I'm thinking of some songs I could learn to play. I should make a list and give it to Tony, coz god knows I can't be arsed with Coldplay. The Grannies have not turned evil and started singing in an 80's Matchbox fashion. I'm depressed now. Boosh has given me false hope.

Been in here a while now. Gran will be worried.


Gran was a bit worried. Some chav kids tried getting in. She gave me some of her winnings! Woohoo!

Tom keeps staring at me, it's freaking me out.

Someone's been killed coming out of a pub near us. Got hit by a car.


Back at Grandma's now. We know who died. Big Alan. He used to play rugby with my uncle Mark, and he lived in Grandma's building. I didn't know him, but apparantly he was always drunk, and stumbled drunk out of the pub into the road. Everyone started talking about him, I just sat there feeling awkward.


So as you can see, it wasn't the best night. And I still don't know if Eugine won. I'll check now. I don't give a shit if someone else did, I just want Eugine because he rules. Right I'm off to check.

OK. Anthony won. Not so bad. At least it wasn't Kinga or Makosi. Plus,I like Anthony just for that extremely comical face he made when Kinga did dirty things with a bottle. Still, Eugine kinda won too, didn't he?


bonzo goes to bitburg then goes out for a cup of tea!

Just got another birthday card through the post. I wonder who from? Won't be any of the Yorkshire family. They're giving me my cards in September when we go out for Grandad's birthday. Could be Uncle Peter...maybe Erika, but I haven't spoken to her in a while. I could always check where it was posted from...NO! I will not! I want it to be a surprise! Must hide card so I'm not tempted. Damn, why do I have to wait so long! I'm a very curious person! Grrrr! Got the card off Grandma here too. It's obvious she got Toni to write it for her. Toni's writing's bloody tiny! Aww it's Blayne's 4th birthday on Monday. He's cute. I might make him a card and give it Grandma tomorrow to give to him. I can't go down, guitar and packing Monday, plus dad doesn't like Auntie Maxine at all, so we won't be going down. It's a shame because we haven't seen them since the wedding, and I wanted to say hello to Uncle Brian. It's so sad what happened to him, but he's such a fantastic guy.

DAMN MY CURIOSITY! Where can I hide the cards? Maybe I'll give them Toni and she can hide them, but then I might forget to take them on holiday with me...I know, I'll wait until mum and dad get home tomorrow, and then I'll put them in the suitcase.

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