August 12th, 2005


in the middle of the night, it's feels alright but then tomorrow morning, ooh then you come down

Just spent about half an hour typing up part 2 of At 1am in uber_mccool.

Only clashcitizens and bekkypk seem to have read it, but it's giving me something to do while the builders invade my house, so who am I to complain. Plus, clashcitizens and I have been plotting the fate of the characters...muahahahaha! I'm starting to like it now.

Rock & Roll Suicide is an amazing song. I keep flicking between that and Sorted For E's And Wizz.

Mum and Dad are waking me up really early in the morning, as they go to Edinburgh for the weekend at 7am, and the builders are coming at 9am. Tomorrow night [well technically tonight] I'm staying at Grandma's, and thus no internet, but Saturday I can stay at home with Toni.

I need someone to tape Boosh while I'm on holiday. Toni can tape it Tuesday, but the next Tuesday she joins us in Tenerife. Maybe Amy can do it.


Why does my current mood picture look like the bear is humping a clock?

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You walk past a cafe, but you don't eat when you've lived too long, oh, you're a rock & roll suicide

Hello fellow LJ-ers. How are you all? Wanna know how I am?


Fell asleep at 5am. I went to bed at 2, but I just couldn't sleep, so I managed to re-read all of The Hole by Guy Burt. It's a good book, but it's one of the rare occasions I prefer the film [and not just because Geoffrey is the coolest person ever in the film.]

I need to get some books for holiday next week. Toni and Jennie don't come over until the week after, so I need something to occupy my time. I've got dad's Perfect Victim, but that's really disturbing, especially since it's a true story. [For those who care, it's the story of that girl in America who got kidnapped and forced to live in a box. It's awful.] I suppose I could give Lord Of The Rings another go. I got through half of The Fellowship Of The Ring before giving up [this was two years ago], but I've grown up a lot more now, I think I can handle it. Perhaps it would help if I bothered to read The Hobbit first. I don't know why I suddenly want to go back to Lord Of The Rings, I blame Lost for having Merry in it.

Dad's not coming book shopping with me! It's our tradition! We do it every year before a holiday! He said the only time he can do it is at the airport. Manchester Airport has a Waterstones, doesn't it?

Anyway, I digress. So as I was saying, because I couldn't sleep, I read The Hole and then finally entered the Land of Nod at 5am. Then what time did I get up?

6.30am. Dad came in my room to tell us they were leaving. Mum and Dad have gone away for their Silver Wedding anniversary to Edinburgh for the weekend with their friends. He also reminded me that I couldn't go back to sleep because the builders were coming at 9 and I had to get ready. Fuck. Bloody builders. I get to spend another day listening to them sing Flash Gordon at the top of their lungs and whistling while they pee. I'm rather worried for the sanity of Oldham builders. In fact, I'm just rather worried for the sanity of most people in Oldham! [Speaking of which, one of the crazy people escaped from the mental home at the top of the bridle path again. She sang to my neighbour's flowers.] So I got ready, watching new Boosh on the BBC website because I wanted to hear the soup song. Not as good as the Nanageddon song, but that's probably just because that sounded like 80's Matchbox B-Line Disaster. I have an odd attraction to the singer, which spawned from an episode of Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Oh great, next it's gonna be Bill Bailey. Though he is cool. Builders got here about 9.10, and Toni came home from work around 2 minutes after. She made some breakfast, and I wasn't allowed to leave the kitchen because she didn't want to be alone with the builders downstairs [though she found it perfectly fine to leave me alone with them washing up.] So we had Duck butties and beans. Oh my Morrissey. The builders have never heard of Savoury Duck! That's appauling! EVERYONE in Oldham knows what savoury duck is! Especially builders! It's the favourite food of all the caretaking/cleaning/building staff up at Counthill School [and I know, Dad's their boss. They always try and steal his duck butties, but we got them back with our left over exploding cigarettes from our last holiday.] The builders stared in awe as Toni cooked the savoury duck. I was like "Aren't you supposed to be building us a ceiling?" and all they could reply with was "So it's called duck, but it's made out of sausage meat and stuffing? That's madness! Oh my god, it looks like salami! Wow!" See what I mean about worrying for the sanity of Oldhamers? Toni made me eat the breakfast in the very tiny kitchen, as she didn't want the builders to see that we were eating microwave beans as it "looks messy." We're two teenage girls living on our own for the weekend! What do they expect? Caviar? [Not that I'd eat that anyway.]

Oh fuck! I've left the straighteners on! I've left them on for bloody 2 hours! Shite!

Tonight I'm staying at Grandma's, so Toni gets the house to herself. We're going to the Con Club with Auntie Maureen, so I get to sit there for hours and watch them play bingo! I can't even join in, coz last time I tagged along I won £33 and the old ladies complained that I was taking their money. What? I payed for the ticket, why can't I play? Anyway, I just get to sit there in the pub and watch. Woohoo. I'll take along the MP3 player I think. Maybe Patrick and Ben will be in again.

Tomorrow I get to stay at home though. Probably watch something with Toni. May be able to trick her into watching a film that I like. Last week I told her Donnie Darko was a love story. But she didn't seem to mind, as Donnie Darko plays cool music [we squealed when Joy Division came on, even though I've seen it about 50 times and knew Joy Division were going to come on.] Maybe I can convince her that Ginger Snaps is a comedy, rather than a film about werewolves and periods. Even though it is pretty funny!

Yes I am aware this entry is insanely long and boring, but I can't leave the house or even go downstairs because of the builders, so I have nothing else to do.

I also have Jaffa Cakes! Bye.

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i break bones stealing mobile phones

I wasn't planning on posting another entry so soon after the last one, but this was just brilliant!

I just went downstairs to get another drink, and one of the builders saw a giant spider. He failed to realise it was outside of the window. Anyway, I was just walking down the stairs, and he saw it and went "OH MY GOD! IT'S HUGE!" and jumped on one of the other builders in shock. They didn't fall over into the paint, though that would have been even better. He just leapt into another builders arms. It was piss funny.

I wish I'd have filmed it. That made my day.

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i wanna destroy everything that you love

the cats are bugging the builders. it's funny. salem keeps jumping on them, suki keeps rubbing against their legs, wanting to be stroked, and minnie scratched one of them.

i've changed my mind. i love builders. they're fun to laugh at.

i may have to start cutting down on lj a bit. 3 posts just about builders. clearly a sign of obsession. ahh well, i can't help it if i'm trapped in my room and builders are funny!

Me and Sahra

Sahra ...Star-studded dream maker psychadelic heart breaker! says:

yno them traps 4 slugs? they av Beer in em 2 attract the slugs then wen they crawl in they drown rite...

soup, soup, a tasty soup, soup, a spicy carrot and coriander, chilli chouder! says:


soup, soup, a tasty soup, soup, a spicy carrot and coriander, chilli chouder! says:

oh god, the builders are singing again!

Sahra ...Star-studded dream maker psychadelic heart breaker! says:

wel @ mi grans theyv bin emptyin & no slugs av drowned so we jus kept fillin em thinkin itr was evaporatin...

soup, soup, a tasty soup, soup, a spicy carrot and coriander, chilli chouder! says:


soup, soup, a tasty soup, soup, a spicy carrot and coriander, chilli chouder! says:


Sahra ...Star-studded dream maker psychadelic heart breaker! says:

but the ova day they wer all ova the garden and empty but not spilt so we thought wierd...

Sahra ...Star-studded dream maker psychadelic heart breaker! says:

...then outta the bushes come a load of pissed squirrells fallin off the trees n nuttin each ova! lmao!

soup, soup, a tasty soup, soup, a spicy carrot and coriander, chilli chouder! says:


Sahra ...Star-studded dream maker psychadelic heart breaker! says:

im gonna put vodka in & see wot appens

soup, soup, a tasty soup, soup, a spicy carrot and coriander, chilli chouder! says:


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you and i will always know, nothing's quite as good as the times when we're alone

Well in about 10 minutes I'm off to grandmas. We're going to bingo! Fun. Maybe they will all burst into song 80's Matchbox stylee like in Boosh. One can only hope.

My hair is for once unbelievably straight. Toni's straighteners are the best! [Just don't tell her I used them.]

Because I'm at bingo, I won't know the answer to this, so if anyone who reads this has my mobile number [doubtful, but no harm in trying], text me if Eugine wins.

My cousin's just walked past my house. She was with her scally friends. Because she's my cousin and only a fortnight younger than me [thus we grew up together], I like her, but I hate her friends. Becky looked up at the window and saw me and smiled, but her friends gave me the dirtiest of looks coz I have on a black shirt [which is actually very nice] on, and was listening to 80's Matchbox [Ice Cream is such a cool song! "DESTROY!"]. Feck off and listen to Akon, twats.

So Bingo shall be fun *eyeroll*. I'm taking along the MP3 player. Then when I get to grans, I'll update my other diary about all the exciting happenings at Bingo! And maybe write At 1am part 3. Luckily, I have to be home at 8am, coz Eddie's coming to sort out the fireplace [Eddie's cool, he has barbeques which include drunken wheelbarrow races!] so I'll be home in time for Alex Zane's XFM show [I have to listen to it on cable, being in Oldham...] Plus that means I don't have to go charity shopping with grandma. I love charity shops [one in Oldham has loads of Beatles stuff] but I'm just not in the mood, and I'm supposed to be saving for holiday/Subways tickets [still a maybe. Matt's going, but I don't know Matt too well. Though watching Madagascar with him, Beth, Chris and Amy was fun. Ooh I'll ask Beth, Amy, Sahra and Scarlett! All except Beth are coming to Rock&Roll Riot, why not The Subways? Oh and I'll ask Sinead. Can't get tickets till mum and dad return from Edinburgh though. Hope they're not sold out by Sunday.

Well that's my internet fun over for today. Goota pack and go to grandma's now.

Expect more stupid updates tomorrow as I'm trapped in my room once again. Still, at least I know Eddie, and if he's gonna sing, it'll be Snow Patrol or Madness quietly, rather than Flash Gordon or dance music at the top of their lungs like todays builders. Still, seeing them leap into each others arms and get scratched to buggery by Minnie was fun.


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