August 11th, 2005


at 1am, he's just walking, like a demon, blue eyes black hair, but he don't care that i want him.

my hair looks a mess, but someone requested to see my guitar, so here's a pic.

i didn't get the bottom of it with a lovely little pattern, but i couldn't be bothered taking another picture. just know it has a very nice little pattern in the corner.

i apologise for the hair.


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blood on the walls of the london town, satan's evil in a nylon gown

I'm bored, so I've been taking pictures.

Wanna see my crap-hole of a bedroom? It's not as bad as the living room [obviously, though we have got a new ceiling now!] but it's still a tiny crap-hole.

Anyways, it's here.

And then I uploaded some pics of me, some old, some new [a couple from today!] because I'm a narcissistic cam-whoring little bitch.

Why I just called myself a bitch I have no idea.

Anyway, this is me.

And may I point out, The Darkness poster is my sisters, not mine.

And I've had to add these two, they're in the pics of me, but they can go here too coz I love them.

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and every time i see you, you just walk away, and now it's always raining, you're the one to blame

i'm still very bored, and i think i've taken enough pictures for today. maybe i'll go and write part 3 of At 1am [even though I haven't typed up Part 2 yet.] I'm starting to like At 1am. It's fun. I feel sorry for David.

ooh, lauren's giving me the link to barry nicolson's lj, i'll carry on with at 1am later!

Yesterday my free debut single from Dirtblonde came in the post [for I am a mailing list member! Freebies!] I've had a few chats with Ivan actually. He's rather cool. They invited me along to their gig at The Castle in Oldham a couple of weeks back, but due to my not being or remotely looking 18, I couldn't go. Anyways, they've also sent along a list of their next live dates. They're playing Night & Day in Manchester...with Test-Icicles! I have to go! Test-Icicles and Dirtblonde! Plus I want to say hello to Ivan and Lula. Does anyone know how old you have to be to get in Night & Day? By the way, Dirtblonde's debut, The Hangmen, is very, very good. I suggest you join the mailing list and ask for one.