July 24th, 2005


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here's my account of last night and coz i can't be arsed it's virtually copied word-for-word from my diary. if it sounds incoherent, i had a hangover when i wrote it.


Hangovers are bad. Shopping with hangover is worse. Fuck it.

So, went to Tracie and Paul's last night. Got absolutely pissed. During the night I had 2 Smirn Offs [gone in about 2 mins, i was thirsty], 1.4 litres of Archers, Vodka and Coke [that wasn't my fault, i thought it was coke...didn't say anything when i realised of course] and some Guinness [ciara would be proud]. Now lets see how much I remember...

Got there, no-one my age except Paul's daughter Vicky [great singer btw]. All adults, and when I'm drunk, I tend to kiss people...luckily I didn't. Paul put Joy Division on. He's the only person I know who likes them more than me. Everyone moaned while Paul and I sung along to Atmosphere, but they stopped when Love Will Tear Us Apart came on. MASS JOY DIVISION SINGALONG! Dad lifted a mug of Sangria and the bottom just fell off and the Sangria went EVERYWHERE! *private extract - removed* We danced to The Specials [A Message To You Rudy, love that song!] and the Sex Pistols. Great music. We did karaoke. Lots of it. Vicky was great, though didn't approve of her song choices... We did lots of Elvis, but other stuff too. Tracie fell over dancing and fell into the TV, sending it flying. Luckily isn't broke.

Vicky went to bed, and in the end twas me, mum, dad, Tracie, Paul, Peter and Diane. Everyone else had gone. While waiting for the taxi, listened to David Bowie [is there life on maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars?!?!?!?!] Went home well after 3am. There was probably more, but don't remember. Bad memory and alcohol don't mix.

Went shopping in Manchester. Holiday clothes. Not very eventful, but got gorgeous cream military jacket. Am collecting them I think. I DESPERATELY WANT RED LIBS JACKET! Then my collection will be complete! Well no it won't, but it will be a damn sight better.


Hangover gone! Muse playing! Drawing Carlos! Eating pizza! All is good!