July 23rd, 2005


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i was gonna post another meme, but i thought i'd spare you all the bother. going to a piss up at tracie and paul's tonight. they're mum's and dad's friends, but i love them. especially paul, coz he's the only person i know who likes joy division more than me! he's lending me his box set of rare sessions! yay!

toni's in tenerife now. mum's at work, and dad's been at golf [is on his way home] so i've had the house to myself. finally found a way to make baths more fun! take the cd player in, listen to music, print of a random fan fic [my choice being the extremely long diary of carlos barat, coz that's just funny!] and giggle at it. decided to be helpful, so i polished, washed up and ironed. only ironed 4 things though, 4 t-shirts of mine. got asked how many band t-shirts i've got, and i realised, i haven't seen my ash t-shirt in months! and i love that t-shirt! last time i remember wearing it was the day of my drama moderation. i know i didn't leave it at school coz i wore it home...WHERE IS IT?!? if toni's got it i swear i'll kill her. it's my only red top that isn't a tiny vest top. i want it back! *cries* i'll find it.

god, kasabian's acoustic set at oxygen was brilliant! now it's the streets, but i taped kasabian.

had a great night last night. 8 out of 10 cats followed by classic never mind the buzzcocks. fridays aren't complete without game show comedy. after buzzcocks, had to take toni to the airport. but got home in time for the repeat...so i taped it. APPLESTON WAS ON IT! APPLESTON RULES!

better tidy my room and do my hair for tonight. bye bye x

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