July 13th, 2005


I WON!!! well...third place!

heehee! i came joined third place in the subways forum awards for Best Avatar award! teehee. i think that's what the = means anyway. does it mean equal with wiz? don't know what else it could mean. either way i don't care, coz my forum avatar rules anyway. in case you didn't guess, i'm casserole_pigeon, which is why it's in blue.

Best Avatar

1. Jamesthegill
2. Kiddo
3. Wiz
= Casserole_pigeon


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i finally uploaded all of my prom photos to bebo. took up 3 albums! problem is, i can't show you guys, coz i don't know how. you can see them if you want [which i doubt] on my msn space, just look for the prom photo album.

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    You Were Always The One - The Cribs