July 11th, 2005


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is it wrong to fancy the singer from 80's matchbox b-line disaster? i've just been watching him on an old never mind the buzzcocks, he's rather nice.


aargh!!! i went out with nick today. it wasnt a date as such, we just went shopping. but it was extremely awkward. i was half an hour late, and he STILL wasn't there, he'd gone for a piss, so i was stood around with loads of chavs staring at me like i was scum for 10 minutes until he turned up. we went to music zone, hardly talking on the way, and i found the Carl Barat Under The Influence album *muchos yay!*. he laughed, then went to stare at the posters for about 10 minutes, leaving me to aimlessly look at a muse cd i already own for a while. so finally, i went to buy my carl barat cd, and it took the guy 10 minutes to find it, so we were just stood there like..."so...". i text sinead, who introduced me to him, saying how awkward it was. then i finally got out and left, walking slightly in front of him so spare him seeing me blush at how cringe-worthy the day was already. we decided to get some food, which didn't happen. i went in boots to get some batteries and he said he'd wait outside because he needed a fag. EWW!!! come on, who wants to kiss a smoker? it's like licking an ashtray! of course, if it was someone who oozes sex appeal like carl or johnny, then of course i'd be right in there, but nick, not so much sex appeal i must say. still, i welcomed the break and stood in boots for ages on the phone to sinead asking her for help. she wasn't much help. so i bought my batteries and walked out just as he was finishing his cigarette. sitting down i felt sick. i'm usually used to cigarette smoke, but having not been around it for weeks [seeing as i never need to get the school bus again, and none of the people i've seen since smoke] it kinda took me by surprise. urgh! then he went in bodycare, got deoderant [it was really hot, but i didn't need the details]. he told me about his job. i thought "YES! FINALLY SOME CONVERSATION!!!" but that soon withered and died. i went in MVC and he ran back to bodycare because he left his cigarettes on the counter. another break, but not long enough to panic to sinead on the phone again. off we trudged to wh smiths, where i got NME. this was probably the closest i got to him all day, even though he "really likes me". i showed him a picture of two mud-covered people. he wanted to look at it more closely, but i had to wrestle it away from him so i could pay. i touched his arm, only physical contact of the day. ooh. we went to woolies and got drinks. exciting. by now it was unbearable. my cheeks were getting redder and redder, so i lied. i said i had to get the bus because i had to babysit [babysit who?] and then got on the bus, texting sinead about my predicament. as if that wasn't bad enough, on the bus, i got out my nme, and didn't realise a sanitary towel [UN-USED!!!] had slipped between the pages, and i had no idea i had an always ultra on my lap on the bus until people started giggling at me. cue more blushing.

on my second bus, i met up with my sister, and we started talking about how she saw my old best friend gemma, and was telling her about me. i've changed a lot since i saw her. toni told her about the music i now like etc, and started talking about fuck forever. she got slightly scared, as the last time i spoke to her, i'd just bought the fame soundtrack [fame rules!!!]. she was a bit shocked when toni said i liked fuck forever, i don't think she remembers me swearing... anyways she's going to the same college as me, so i'll get back in touch with her.

on a happier note, me, beth, amy, chris and matt went to watch madagascar last night. that film rules! "i like to move it move it!" matt was shocked at how small i was. matt rules, but he's a bit TOO obsessed with charlotte cooper from the subways. seriously, it's like me with captain jack. but the film is great. chris laughs at EVERYTHING! it's well awkward sitting next to him. he just constantly giggles! there was a trailer for a film about a smiling dog, that dog is freaky!

afterward, beth, chris and matt had gone, so it was just me and amy. amy's family turned up in the car, they are FUNNY!!! amy said she was waiting till dad turned up with me, and they were just yelling at her from the car, embarrassing her in front of all these chav kids, it was so funny!!!


so now i'm embarrassed, and have had to block nick on msn coz he thinks i'm babysitting. maybe i'll just leave him blocked...shit he has my number. shit, he's on my myspace! HELP!!!

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