July 9th, 2005


cheered up.

well i'm a bit happier today, and not just because of the strangely intriguing picture tizzoast left me...

in the end i did go to scarlett's party. she said i could stay over, so dad said i could go. he left it a bit late, and my hair needed washing, so i just had to throw talc all over it. IT WORKED!!! talc, a wonder to mankind! so i packed all my stuff up, teeth still KILLING me, and we set off.

dad got lost, as usual, and, as usual, he blamed me for "reading the directions wrong"! when i say turn left at staley road, i mean TURN LEFT AT FUCKING STALEY ROAD!!!

i finally got there about 8. there were quite a few there. scarlett of course, philippa, rosie, beth, martin, simon, jonathan, alex, sahra, lunny...i think that's it. the bastards had hid the bacardi breezers so i got a smirn off. when i got there, philippa had drunk half a bacardi breezer. when i'd drunk my smirn off, philippa had drunk half a bacardi breezer. she is really slow with her drinks, but still, everyone was amazed at how quickly i can drink. the first words martin said to me all night was "steady on! we're all taking our time here and you're downing them!"

rowie and richard arrived. they'd literally just got off the train from blackpool. richard didn't even say hi, he just ran upstairs and got changed. i got a bacardi breezer, drank that before philippa even went for another! then i thought "oh bollocks, all that's left is cans of lager. i hate lager." beth and i were hungry, so we raided scarlett's cupboards, found some crisps and a giant biscuit tin full of bourbon creams. yum! so i got myself a can of lager and every time i drank from it, i stuffed a bourbon in my mouth to remove the taste. that was until beth stole them from me, and every time i stood up to get one, philippa nicked my seat...so i sat on philippa. i think this was during the time we were flicking between big brother, foo fighters videos and south park. lunny, richard and rowie went to the shop and got more bacardi breezers, so i gave lunny my lager. then, the boys decided to put on the porn channels. i stared at the wall, scarlett covered jonathan's eyes, sahra tried wrestling the remote away from the boys and beth just laughed at how fake the tits looked. we finally got them to put south park back on.

most of them went outside on the trampoline after sahra and lunny left. it was me, scarlett and beth sat on top of jonathan on the couch. then clor came on one of the music channels, so me and beth got up copying the amazing dancing. un-be-known to us, they were all recording it on their phones outside. ahh well, it was a good dance!!!

gabby and michelle turned up after work. michelle's a bloody lightweight! she'd had about half a bacardi breezer and she was gone! beth went not long after. so a lot of people were outside just lying down on the trampoline, and me, simon, jonathan and scarlett were watching tv [i think this was after i terrified philippa when i jumped up and down with joy when bon jovi came on magic's best power ballads.] alex and...it was either martin or rowie, maybe richard, suddenly ran through the living room with their pants down and then ran upstairs. i wonder what they were doing.

pretty soon everyone was going, somewhere after 12. so me and scarlett were left cleaning up, carefully trying not to wake the neighbours whilst dropping glass bottles into the recycle bin. then we got rid of all the cans and stuff, and we had a little chat over a cup of tea [tea DOES solve everything! i don't like it, but even the smell of it does!] we discussed the relationships of ourselves and others for a little while. at about half two, we headed off to bed, coz scarlett had to get the 9am train to work. i slept in her mum's room, with it's own bathroom. glamorous. my alarm was set for 7.30, but somehow i managed to wake at 6am. i'm one of these weird people who doesn't stay in bed after a night's drinking, but wakes up earlier! we got ready and stuff. dad said he was going to pick me up between 8.30 and 8.45, but scarlett needed to set of for the train station at 8.30. while she got changed [i slept in my clothes for some strange reason. couldn't be arsed getting undressed probably] i was flicking through the channels...CLASSIC DOCTOR WHO OMNIBUS!!! but i can't remember which doctor it was, but it was one of the ones i wasn't keen on. plus there was no jack. so instead i put on FAIRLY ODD PARENTS!!! that is the coolest cartoon EVER [after sonic!] i didn't know sonic was on at the same time, but it was sonic x, and everyone knows the adventures of sonic the hedgehog is a much better show! 8.30 arrived and dad wasn't there, so scarlett left for work, showing me how to lock the door, and suddenly i was left in her house on my own! only for about 5 minutes. i watched a bit of spongebob squarepants while i waited. then dad turned up, so i turned the telly off, locked scarlett's house then got in the car. we drove past scarlett, so we drove her the rest of the way to the train station, then i got home about 9am. then i made a new desktop background [it's AMAZING!] and that's about it! oh, and i saw a very sleepy sister stumble into my room, get scared shitless coz she didn't know i was home, and then she nicked my cd player and headphones! i need those headphones! mum's working nights, and i need my music!!!

so, i'm a bit happier today. teeth are killing me though.

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meme thief!

Here's a meme I stole from fanabana  that looked pretty amusing..

1. Take five books off your bookshelf.
2. Book #1 -- first sentence
3. Book #2 -- last sentence on page fifty
4. Book #3 -- second sentence on page one hundred
5. Book #4 -- next to the last sentence on page one hundred fifty
6. Book #5 -- final sentence of the book
7. Make the five sentences into a paragraph

They came to him in his dreams. "Where the fuck have they come from?" "Tell them they can talk to me if they're worried." He dashed from the room, leaving Harry and Hermione alone. "That will be the end."

Book #1 -- Notepad containing Doctor Who fan fic.

Book #2 -- Kids In The Riot: High and Low with The Libertines - Pete Welsh

Book #3 -- The Last Vampire - Christopher Pike

Book #4 -- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - JK Rowling

Book #5 -- Touching From A Distance: Ian Curtis and Joy Division - Deborah Curtis.

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i received a voluntary offer to do this by rockxstarxgirl of whom i am very jealous due to her icon, but never mind.


"this is the last time i'll abandon you, and this is the last time i'll forget you, i wish i could" - stockholm syndrome - muse

"dance dance dance dance dance to the radio" - transmission - joy division

"and as the microphone squeaks a young girl's telephone beeps, she's dashing for the exit, she's running for the streets outside, 'oh you've saved me' she screams down the line, 'the band aren't very good and i'm not having a nice time." - fake tales of san fransisco - arctic monkeys

"you're walking so tall man you look so mean, you tell me everything's dandy and fine, you're no friend of mine!" - do you know me? - babyshambles

"is there life on maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars?!?!?!?" - life on mars? - david bowie

I tag... anyone who wants to do it

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