July 8th, 2005



well this has been such a fucking great week, god may as well strike me with lightening and force me to listen to natasha bedingfield and make it even better!

first wednesday: national kissing day? i spent it with my grandma, shopping in ashton. and that's not all! right in the middle of ashton, i came on my period. bollocks.

thursday: i was lay in bed in pain for ages. i finally got up and turned on the tv. what had happened? some bastards had decided "ooh, lets go blow up some trains!" the rest of the day was spent frantically checking up on all of the people i know in london. and then i burned my hand attempting to cook. bollocks.

today: in the car on the way to the orthadontists, beth text me "babyshambles have sold out". i thought, "never mind, it said age restriction, it was probably over 18", but no! beth also told me the age restriction was 14. bollocks. and then, at the orthadontist, i had to sit there for 2 and a half hours waiting for him. during that time, i finished reading touching from a distance, watched an entire episode of neighbours and an auction show. when he finally got around to seeing me, he didn't take my brace off like he said he would [it's been over 2 years already] no! i have to wait till christmas! so now i can't eat and am living off soup. bollocks. then, i was supposed to be going to scarlett's party tonight, but no, dad can't be arsed driving to stalybridge, even though he's not even going anywhere tonight, so i get to stay home watching fucking big brother and 8 out of 10 cats while all my mates get pissed, just because my father's a cunt. bollocks.

what's to come: i also have 2 fillings on the way next week, so again, it shall be soup for me. i get to hear about how great the subways manchester gig was from the forum people, which i should have been at, but no! mum said i had to wait, and when she FINALLY got round to booking the tickets, they were fucking sold out. bollocks.

oh and i almost forgot, my house is falling apart. the ceiling has caved in, and the bathroom is in the middle of being re-decorated, so it looks like a disaster zone. so next week, all the floor in mum's and dad's room upstairs, the floor downstairs, and the ceiling are being ripped up, all the wallpaper's being ripped off etc. it's gonna be brilliant! i can't even lounge about the fucking house because of the fucking builders. they just better stay out of my fucking bedroom. if they come in here, i'm gonna fucking slap them.

it's weeks like this, you start to turn all emo. bollocks.

and did i mention, BOLLOCKS!

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