July 6th, 2005


national kissing day.

so instead of spending national kissing day with the guy who says he really likes me, i spent it shopping with my grandma. fun. also, something extremely embarrassing happened whilst in ashton. yes, that's right, girly things took over! bastard! still, i bought the subways, the cribs, and my beloved muse, saw a drunk woman dancing with a brolly and bumped into cassie and had a little chat about said guy who really likes me.

then i got home and listened to my beloved muse, the subways, and some of the cribs. i sent amy the subways, oasis's definately maybe, and now she's sending me black wire. i saw the most amazing thing on trl, they made a human bicycle. trl is shite. the only good thing is alex zane, so that's the only reason i watch it. i'm watching it all this week because the video of the week is "The Importance Of Being Idle". alex was only in it for 5 minutes today, making fun of a frenchman, doing something rather crude with a baguette. it was brilliant! they showed that godawful-yet-funny r kelly soap opera video, with VERY bad special effects. it was funny.

i posted on myspace part one of my account of the prom with pictures, and i'm doing part two later. i'm gonna do it all as one on livejournal later, coz i can put it all under a cut.

i really should finish this doctor who fan fic. i've been so consistant with parts 1-5, but part 6 i've been trying to put off, coz it's gonna be sad. so instead i'm dancing to charlotte hatherley! go me!

so anyways, happy national kissing day. sorry i didn't get to spend it with said guy from before, but still, grandma bought me sweets and gave me a tenner!

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