June 28th, 2005


Burn Baby Burn

Woo! I made another video!!!

This one's to Burn Baby Burn by Ash, and guess what? it even has CREDITS!!!


Centres around Doctor/Rose/Jack with a little bit of Mickey and features clips from Rose, The End Of The World, Boom Town, Bad Wolf, The Parting Of The Ways, and I think a tiny bit of The Doctor Dances.


Burn Baby Burn

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WE'RE CALLED THE DISCO BANANAS! and we rock! so say hello to my band!

By limitedbythesky

The Disco Bananas Stats

Formed: 28th June 2005
Split: 14th September 2012
Best Album: 'Sections Scooting Natures Bluewood' 7/10 in the NME
Best Single: 'Woollily' 9/10 in the NME (Single of the Week 20th September 2005.)
Records Sold: 178,498,301 in total (57,168,157 albums, 121,330,144 singles).
Reputation: Legendary

The Disco Bananas Member Profiles


Although they have their critics on both sides of the Atlantic __i_get_along__'s vocal talent is one The Disco Bananas's' strongest assets.


wildhoneypie4 is technically gifted but lacks the creativity and originality of cult heroes like Hendrix and Satriani.

When stylish_riot started out in Jun 2005 they couldn't handle any more than 2 strings at a time, now after a long period of dedicated practice stylish_riot is finally beginning to master the bass.

____whatsername manages to compensate for a lack of natural musical talent through a unique and constantly evolving approach to percussion.

Whereas wildhoneypie4 and stylish_riot are hardskinned party animals who like nothing more than to get drunk and fuck, ashteth prefers to spend their time composing melodies and working with chord progressions.

Single Releases

# Title Date
15 Woollily Sep 2005
8 Asunder Embars Tracheal Rehoused Yechs Nov 2005
1 Bise Horning Viols Agamete Dec 2005
1 Sandlots Airmen Cavicorn Laminar Amends Dec 2005
11 Padishah Shown Fussiest Suitable Auspice Feb 2007
17 Pillbox Octuplet Disport Mar 2007
14 Ridley Glegness Downland Papistic Tuts Misplays Apr 2007
2 Peruke Sunrises Apr 2008
2 Abjurers Dimly Baklava Dawing Unhelped Failures Jun 2008
2 Empires Aug 2008
2 Magenta Oct 2008
2 Wauchted Kilobyte Rhodora Ledge Baited Softener Aug 2009
1 Fugios Reenroll Pimping Oct 2009
2 Surflike Bulbar Adagios Dec 2009
2 Incaging Mar 2011
2 Pleuston Hinderer Placets Yell Clitic Jun 2011
1 Conchae Var Bouffes Twangler Aug 2011

Album Releases

# Title Date
23 Envious Altho Dioramas Jun 2005
N/A Frizzle Nov 2006
N/A Specter Stound Suttees Rases Jan 2008
1 Sections Scooting Natures Bluewood Jul 2009
2 Taunting Defunded Claque Humvee Pettles Agent Jan 2011

northern ireland's worst

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